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How does Texas support students with dyslexia?

How does Texas support students with dyslexia?

Texas has a long history of supporting the fundamental skill of reading. This history includes a focus on early identification and intervention for students with dyslexia. T his page includes resources to assist in identifying and providing services for students with dyslexia and related disorders in Texas schools.

What is the Texas gateway?

TEA and Texas PBS have partnered to integrate digital resources, videos, and interactives into the Texas Gateway. These resources include a focus on materials that will help students with literacy skills as well as key child development milestones. Get started.

What are the dyslexia requirements for Epps in Texas?

This page contains information on dyslexia requirements for EPPs. All university candidates completing an EPP must receive instruction in detection and education of students with dyslexia as required the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) (TAC RULE §228.35 (4)). TEA has created a panel of experts to help university candidates fulfill this requirement.

Where can I find TEKS-aligned resources and courses?

Find engaging, TEKS-aligned resources and courses on the Texas Gateway site that you can use with your students, as part of classroom instruction, interventions, acceleration, or additional practice. A Texas Gateway Account is required to enroll in a Gateway course.

Dyslexia Requirements for Educator Preparation …

Unit 6: Fluency Routine Module 1: Building Fluency with Partner Reading. Resource ID: OTALA II & III 0005. Grade Range: 5 – 12. By: Meadows Center. Subject: ELA & Reading. Introduction. Section 1: Overview. Section 2: Selecting Text and Partnering Students. Section 3: The Partner Reading Routine.

Texas Gateway: Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy

In 2013, House Bill (HB) 1264 added Texas Education Code, §42.006, to require school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to report the number of students enrolled who are identified as having dyslexia through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). HB 3, 86th Texas Legislature, 2019, transferred the requirement …

Texas Gateway – Region 4 Education Service Center

The Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies help prepare middle school teachers to design appropriate instruction for all students, including those who are struggling with reading due to limited English proficiency, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other risk factors for reading difficulties. The Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy contains seven units.

Texas Gateway Courses Dyslexia – February 2022

Texas Gateway: Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy. Posted: (8 days ago) Texas Gateway: Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy Online resources by TEA. The information presented during this foundation module course of the Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy will explore the elements of reading, what dyslexia is and is not, and the process for dyslexia evaluation.

The Texas Gateway – Trinity Education Group

Through the many PD courses, certificate programs and academies the TEA offered, more than 250,000 Texas educators received training, credentialing or badging through the Texas Gateway. “Love that the Texas Gateway provides teachers opportunities to continue learning about Dyslexia through a FREE course!” The Final Details: While large districts use the Gateway as a one-stop …