How do I find the yardage of a golf course?

How do I find the yardage of a golf course?

There are dozens of free apps available which will use the GPS location from your phone along with course maps to give you yardages to the green, hazards and more. Some of the apps have other features like scorecards and round statistics.

How much do the yardage books cost at golf tournaments?

The yardage books cost between $40 and $100. At Detroit Golf Club, the yardage books were free to caddies and players. “Most of the tournaments buy them at a disgustingly huge discount from me,” Long said. “That way we can give them to players and caddie for free, because I’ve got to take care of all my millionaires.

What should you add to your golf course yardage book?

Distances measured from the tee to second shot location as well as distances from there to the front of the green are important to add to your golf course yardage book. Above is an example for the Pleasington Golf Course yardage book I created.

Do you offer hand drawn yardage books for your courses?

As we continue to update all our courses to a digital format, we can only offer hand drawn yardage books for certain courses at this time. If your golf club feels like it could benefit from our PGA Tour yardage book or our graphically rich commercial yardage book, please feel free to send us an enquiry.

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