Schools · September 7, 2023

How do I enroll in the Allen Bradley plc course?

How do I enroll in the Allen Bradley plc course?

We recommend you register on the Automation Community website and enroll in the Allen Bradley PLC Course. We are planning to make more courses which are free of charge as our main motto is to make the learnings reachable to as many people as possible and get it utilized for their best.

Which plc training should I take first?

The PLCTrainer Software is recommended before any other PLC training is to take place. This PLC basics course is based on and simulates Allen Bradley PLC programming software. But 80% of the knowledge can be applied to any brand of PLC.

How can I learn plc ladder logic?

Join our free Allen Bradley PLC ladder logic training course using RS Logix 500 programming software from Rockwell automation. Try our Allen Bradley PLC programming tutorials and start learning PLC.

What is the platform of Allen Bradley rslogix?

The platform is RSLogix (RSLogix is a PLC software) for Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers. The course is divided into two parts. The first part is about the PLC basics. Here you will learn everything about PLCs and PLC ladder logic programming. The second part is focused on Allen Bradley PLCs.

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