How Did I Stumble Upon AliExpress

It was launched in 2010, is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. It is the most visited e-commerce website in Russia.

How Did I Stumble Upon AliExpress?

I was casually doing my online window shopping rounds then this annoying AliExpress advertisement kept popping up on my screen and I was doing a good job ignoring it until I accidentally clicked on it and it opened on a new tab. I was about to close the tab when I saw an amazing pair of earrings and I was like hold up, who are you AliExpress and where have you been my whole life! Trust me, since then most of my online shopping is done on AliExpress 



  • Most of the items are affordable and also in good state
  • I like how most products sold offer free shipping – I love free shipping just like Oprah Winfrey loves Bread
  • The delivery process is fast – Keep in mind I avoid paying for shipping so getting your products within 2 – 4 weeks from Hong Kong or China for me that’s pretty cool
  • Most of the sellers I’ve interacted with give helpful information and are always ready to answer questions and help
  • They have variety of sales and flash deals.


  • Language barrier obviously is an issue. I’m not hating but the thing is sometimes some sellers can’t construct a proper English sentence, which is hard to understand them if you’re not keen
  • When you cancel your order. They don’t refund you, if they do then I don’t know the process ’cause I tried getting them refund me after cancelling my ray bans order to no avail

My Views

I really like shopping at AliExpress. I get the products I want at a throw away price and they offer free shipping for most products I’ve bought. Some people think just ’cause it’s a China based retail their products aren’t good!!? That’s not right, the products are good and the service is good. You can also track your products and yes they have an app! I definitely recommend it to you and you can thank me later 

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