good food for gestational diabetes

What are the best snacks for gestational diabetes?

Here are a few healthy choices for snacks and meals if you have gestational diabetes: fresh or frozen vegetables, especially ones that are steamed. eggs or egg whites. steel-cut oatmeal topped with berries. fresh fruit. skinless chicken breasts.

What is the recommended diet for gestational diabetes?

If you have gestational diabetes, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet may help you manage your symptoms without needing medication. In general, your diet should include protein plus the right mix of carbohydrates and fats.

What can you eat with gestational diabetes?

Eating more protein. Eating protein alongside carbohydrates, or choosing carbohydrates that also have protein in them, helps to balance blood sugar levels. Women with gestational diabetes should try to eat lean, protein-rich foods, such as: fish, chicken, and turkey. eggs. tofu. beans. nuts.

What are the Diet restrictions for gestational diabetes?

Diet in gestational diabetes provides for: Exclusion of simple carbohydrates (confectionery, honey, sugar, jam, jams, sweets, sweet fruit and fruit juices, syrups, ice cream, sweet pastries, white bread). Complex carbohydrates (cereals, corn, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, pasta, legumes) should not exceed 40-45% of daily calorie content.

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