gestational diabetes food tracker

How to make a gestational diabetes friendly meal?

Grab the printable list of 33 gestational diabetes friendly meals that are easy to make straight to your inbox by entering your email below. Snag a copy of all of these meals in one downloadable PDF so you can meal plan more easily to accommodate your GD. Check your inbox!

Which is the Best Diabetes app for pregnant women?

Glucose tracker & diabetic diary. Your blood sugar. Whether you have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, understanding how food, physical activity, and your blood sugar levels interact is critical for controlling your condition.

Can you eat carbs on a gestational diabetes diet?

That’s OK. In the meantime, until you see your nutritionist, check out common carb counts for each meal and learn more about the gestational diabetes diet.

How to prevent blood sugar spikes in gestational diabetes?

Eating three meals and two snacks throughout the day can help prevent dips or spikes in blood sugar. Including a source of fiber-rich carbohydrate as well as protein at each meal or snack also helps to keep blood sugar levels more stable.

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