Apple Pulling the non-Retina MacBook Pro from Retail Stores

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Way back in 2012 was the last time Apple updated the MacBook Pro without a Retina display, and if a new report is any indicator, it could be nearing the end times for the legacy laptop.

According to a report initially published by AppleInsider, and citing an anonymous source, followed up with spot checks at several different physical Apple retail stores in the United States, the stores are pulling the non-Retina MacBook Pro from shelves, and no longer offering it as an option for in-store customers to try out in person.

“A clerk at an Austin location notably said that their store had pulled non-Retina units from the showfloor just last week, and that other stores were doing the same.”

It’s worth noting that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, without a Retina Display, is still available to buy online from Apple’s online store, and can be picked up in stores (spot checks in Arizona, California, and Washington all show available stock) or be delivered as early as June 21 with the fastest delivery option selected.

Still, a phase out of any kind would certainly make sense, considering the amount of time that has passed since Apple updated the machine. Plus, Apple has a much bigger focus on marketing and selling its newer models, all of which are outfitted with Retina Displays. At this point, only the legacy MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air lineup don’t offer Retina displays, so a shift seems almost inevitable.

If there is indeed a phasing out of the legacy MacBook Pro at physical retail stores, it could also be a sign of something new coming down the line. Reports surfaced earlier this year that Apple is planning on launching a much thinner and lighter MacBook Pro with a Retina Display, and an OLED touch bar above the physical keyboard, at some point this year. If Apple phases out the legacy MacBook Pro, it could offer the current MacBook Pro with Retina Display models at a cheaper entry point than what the future MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar will cost.

Are you still using an older MacBook Pro model?

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