Apple Music and iTunes 12.4 Bug Results in Issues Related to Tracks Shorter than 60 Sconds

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There’s always the potential that a random bug will crop up and cause some level of annoyance, especially as software gets more complicated.

Apple Music and iTunes are no strangers to bugs within their code, either, with the most recent one the cause of some users’ entire music libraries being deleted. Now there’s a new, albeit much smaller, bug getting some attention. This one appears to be directly connected to Apple Music played through iTunes 12.4.1, with iOS devices not suffering from the same issue.

According to the post published by MacRumors, when a track that is shorter than 60 seconds is played in its entirety (meaning not skipped at all by the listener), Apple Music’s streaming capabilities will stall on the next track, and it will show up as perpetually buffering.

A forum member that goes by “B/D” used the backend file change monitoring tool “fswatch” and potentially discovered what the issue is:

“It looks like the way AM handles streaming is when the current song is a minute from the end, iTunes signals the next track in the queue to start downloading so that it’s ready to play when the current song is over. However, when the song is less than a minute long the next song’s download is never initiated, apparently because some “one minute remaining” event is never triggered! This means the app just sits waiting for a download to finish that has in fact never started.”

As it stands right now, the bug appears to only affect Apple Music streaming, with locally-stored music files not seeing any similar issues. On top of that, the initial report also adds that the issue doesn’t appear to be present on a Mac running macOS Sierra, either.

Have you run into this issue?

[via MacRumors]
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