Schools · September 8, 2023

Does Bank of America have online classes?

Does Bank of America have online classes?

Once you have mastered Bank of America ’basics’ during your first days with the company, you’ll have access to a wide variety of competency and skill-based resources – from instructor-led classes to interactive web-based training … Do online classes have tests? Not all online classes have proctored exams.

Why work at Bank of America?

Supporting our employees in their personal and professional lives makes Bank of America a great place to work. With the wide range of benefits and programs available, we offer resources to support employees and their families at every stage of life and plan for the future.

What is the bank of America’s hub in Ohio?

Columbus serves as the bank’s hub in Ohio due to its central location as the state’s capital, its overall size and growth, and an existing Bank of America call center for its credit card division in suburban Westerville.

What does the Academy do for bank of America teammates?

As a Bank of America teammate, The Academy invests in you so you can succeed in your role and develop a dynamic, successful career at Bank of America How does The Academy support our teammates? Support from The Academy is designed to help you master your current role through our onboarding programs.

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