diabetes type 2 diet food list

What are the best foods to eat for type 2 diabetes?

Broccoli is among the best things to eat, especially for type 2 diabetics, since it contains high levels of chromium, found to regulate blood sugars. Other good vegetables include legumes, like pinto beans, kidney beans, and navy beans, as well as squash, zucchini, kale, and okra.

Which diet plan works best for type 2 diabetes?

Diet recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes include a vegetarian or vegan diet, the American Diabetes Association diet (which also emphasizes exercise), the Paleo Diet, and the Mediterranean diet.

What is the recommended diet if you have type 2 diabetes?

As you pick the best foods for type 2 diabetes, here’s a helpful guideline to keep in mind: Fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables. Round out the meal with other healthy choices – whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean protein, fat-free or low-fat dairy, and small portions of fresh fruits and healthy fats.

What to eat and avoid in a type 2 diabetes diet?

10 Foods to Avoid When You Have Type 2 Diabetes Skip Sugary Foods Like Sweets and Soda. Sip on Flavored Seltzer Rather Than Fruit Juice. Snack on Fresh Fruit Instead of Dried Fruit. Replace White Carbs With Whole Grains. Favor Low-Fat Over Full-Fat Dairy. Opt for Lean Proteins Over Fatty Cuts of Meat. Limit Packaged Snacks and Baked Goods. Forget About Eating Oily, Breaded Fried Foods. More items…

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