diabetes food log printable

What is a diabetic log?

A diabetes logbook is a very important tool that you must have to track properly various important data pertaining to your diabetes condition. In general, the log includes your blood glucose level readings, carbohydrate and calories intakes, insulin and medication dosage, and physical activity progress.

What is nutrition log?

A nutrition log is used to assess nutritional information but the time of day in which food is consumed should also be recorded. The proper spacing of meals can result in a better digestion of food and this includes eliminations.

What is a glucose diary?

A glucose diary, also known as a diabetes journal, is a daily record of the intake of carbohydrates and their effect on blood glucose levels. While some diaries contain only basic information, there are formats that are quite detailed.

Your blood sugar and food log.pub

Food &. Drinks. (Include size of servings). Total carbs: _____ g … Call your diabetes team if you have high or low glucose levels frequently!

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