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What are some good desserts for diabetics?

A low sugar cake mix, which can be used to make desserts for diabetics. A mixed fruit salad is a healthy dessert to serve diabetics. Many gelatin desserts are available in sugar-free varieties. Diabetics must monitor their blood sugar, especially after eating sweet foods.

What is a quick and easy breakfast for a diabetic?

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you can have a healthy breakfast of whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of margarine spread, egg or cottage cheese, oatmeal, and a small banana. Another diabetic breakfast idea is whole grain bread with peanut butter, low fat milk, and some fresh fruits.

What is the best app to track blood sugar?

One of the most popular Androids apps for tracking blood sugar levels,OnTrack Diabetes is also one of the simplest apps available on Google Play.

Diabetes apps –

The NHS Apps Library helps patients and the public to find trusted health and wellbeing apps. These digital tools have been assessed by the NHS as …

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