diabetes angel food cake

What is the best cake for diabetic?

In a traditional carrot cake, cinnamon is often called for as the spice of choice when mixing and making the dessert. This can be helpful for a diabetic, as research has shown that cinnamon can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

What are the best desserts for diabetics?

A low sugar cake mix, which can be used to make desserts for diabetics. A mixed fruit salad is a healthy dessert to serve diabetics. Many gelatin desserts are available in sugar-free varieties. Diabetics must monitor their blood sugar, especially after eating sweet foods.

What is the sugar content of angel food cake?

A ⅛th slice of this cake has just 95 calories, 17g carbs, and 0g sugar! As a reference, a ⅛th slice of typical Angel Food Cake has 250 calories, 56g carbs, and 42g sugar.

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