Can all courses be entered on the ERB?

Can all courses be entered on the ERB?

Not all resident courses can be entered onto the ERB and not all courses that can be entered onto the ERB count towards promotion points. The Military Transition Tream training for example can be entered onto the ERB, but does not count towards points. Only courses with course codes can be entered onto the ERB.

What is a UPL certification?

Phase I of the Unit Prevention Leaders (UPLs) certification course is designed to train and certify UPLs to conduct legally sufficient unit urinalysis collections IAW AR 600-85k Provide substance abuse awareness training, and to assist the unit commander in running a successful Unit Substance Abuse Program.

How to prepare for the UPL exam?

Prepare and turn- in your appointment orders as either the Primary or Alternate UPL. 3- 3: Legal Issues A. Terminal Learning Objectives 1. Understand the Limited Use Policy. 2. Understand the legal difference between Test Basis Codes.

What should a UPL know about the RRP?

1. As a UPL you will not be significantly involved with the Risk Reduction Program (RRP), but you should understand its function and how it could impact upon the prevention efforts you provide to the unit. 2.

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Good morning, if it’s the online course, there is no code and it does not go on the ERB. However, the certificate can be uploaded to your OMPF as well as used for correspondence course hours. There used to be a resident course with a corresponding code, not sure if it still exists. Only resident courses go on the ERB.

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Updated on October 07, 2019. In the Army, Additional Skill Identifiers (ASIs) show extra skills, training, and qualification a soldier may possess. These skills are in addition to their Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) classification. Some ASI’s are …

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Hi! I think you can put the course under SECTION VII – Military Education. Make sure that you have a training certificate or anything that states that you are UPL qualify and then speak with your S1 to update the information on the ERB. Hope this help.

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Army Resident Course Master Excel List. Well, I was mostly bored and had nothing better to do. So I created a Excel Sheet for all the Resident Course the Army recognizes to put on your ERB. It is not 100% Complete but I am sure you guys can help with that. Here it is, in all 4,899 Resident Course Codes. Things I am looking for to complete this …

Unit Prevention Leaders (UPL) – United States Army

Unit Prevention Leaders (UPL) UPLs have the primary mission of assisting the commander in planning, implementing, and executing an outstanding unit level substance abuse program. This role must go beyond the execution of the unit level urinalysis program. While the UA is a vital part of the overall program and your role is critical to its …

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Unit Prevention Leaders Course. Attending the UPL and RE-CERT course requires Class Registration with Appointment Orders. Unit Prevention Leaders Class POC: (502) 624-1537 / 5679 / 7374. ADAPT Class POC: (502) 624-1537. All classes …