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This Company Is Trying to Simplify Your Clunky Business Software


A lot of the software that powers companies is decades old, expensive and not intuitive to operate. If you use Salesforce or SAP, you know how convoluted those systems are. From long-time employees who still remember green-screen terminals to 20-somethings who think all of this sounds archaic, a 2-year-old ..

A No-Nonsense, 5-Step Guide to Success In the Digital Era.


Let’s face it, the digital space is a wild and dangerous place. A single tweet can cost you your job and a bad customer experience can quickly become your worst PR nightmare. Given the huge risks, isn’t it frustrating that everyone has an opinion about your company’s digital strategy? Any schmuck ..

The Legal ABCs of Running a Transportation Service


Transportation is a highly regulated business. It will be up to you as a business owner to not only understand the regulations of your particular segment of the industry but also keep up with the ever-changing regulations as your business matures. Zoning Zoning refers to the legal limitations of a physical ..

6 Things to Know Before Turning Your Freelance Business Into an Agency #MoonlightingontheInternet


There are no limits to the type of branding agency you can create. You can build a full-scale digital marketing agency like mine that provides most services a company needs for marketing their business online. Or you can specialize in one area and have a graphic design agency or a social media agency, ..

Hiring Essentials for Your Transportation Business


No matter how small your transportation business starts out, you may find a time when you need to hire help. Perhaps you start with subcontractors who take up the slack when you have more jobs than you can handle. Maybe you hire a part-time driver who allows you to not drive on Fridays so you […]

Creating a Business From a Hodgepodge of Talents #BusinessOfGood


It could have been a giant cinderblock. It certainly would have cost less and would have served the same general purpose. Soon to rise in Varansi, India, is a breathtaking structure to house silk artisans. Designed by celebrity architect David Adjaye, the facility will reflect Buddhist-Moghul-Hindu architecture ..

How to Steer Workplace Tangents Back on Track


Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows how easy it is for a meeting to veer wildly off topic. Even in casual work environments, these familiar tangents — whether they be about current events, politics, or a viral social media post — deal a huge blow to productivity. When heated emotions ..

Why Orcas Island Taxi Is Getting Big Business From a Small Island


Orcas Island, a 57-square-mile horseshoe-shaped island in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington state, is a tourist’s paradise in the summertime. Kayaking, whale watching, and hiking, biking, or horseback riding through Moran State Park are just a few of the things that attract visitors ..

TV Host Donny Deutsch on Executing Your Big Idea


When I was broke and living on my sister’s couch back in 2008, I was in love with a TV show called The Big Idea. Do you remember it? It was hosted by today’s guest on The School of Greatness, Donny Deutsch, and it was a huge inspiration to me early on as an aspiring entrepreneur. […]

15 Tips for Selecting a Profitable Market for Your Ecommerce Business #MoonlightingontheInternet


There’s a lot of information out there about how to choose a profitable market. The simplest explanation I’ve found from a resource I trust is a 15-point checklist from ecommerce marketing expert Ezra Firestone. I’ve excerpted parts of it here with his permission. Keep these tips in mind when you are thinking ..