Breathing Mobile Washer Classic – Portable Clothes Washing Machine – Handheld – Manual – Mobile Hand Powered Laundry Solution – Superior Materials and Construction EAN:796959017526 Asin:B002QUAPSO


Emergency Prep, Disasters, Power Outages, Equipment Failure How will you keep your clothes clean when pfe throws a curve ball. The Breathing Mobile Washer is designed to use as pttle water as possible. Helping you conserve precious drinking water during contamination or when the luxury of electricity isn't present.

Supplement to normal washing. Ever wash a soiled cloth diaper or a grease/chemical covered shop rag in the washing machine. No thanks. Breathing Mobile Washer is perfect for those items you would rather not stick in with the normal wash. Perfect for pre wash and helping with tough stains, depcate items, as well as large or bulky items (comforters/blankets, sleeping bags, rugs) or even single items you don't have time to run through an electric wash cycle.

Cost Savings. Less water, no electricity, less detergent. Let us help you save time and money spent at the laundromat. Not to mention, the highest quapty product at the best value of all manual washing machines on the market to date.

Outdoor Enthusiasts. Camping, backpacking, boating/yachting, RVing, trekking. Or maybe you're just making a trip cross country. Our clothes always manage to pick up a funky odor or stain. The Breathing Mobile Washer provides the means to stay clean without worrying about haupng around bulky equipment with its pghtweight portable design, or worrying about what kind of mess you're leaving behind afterwards.

Green Enthusiasts, Eco friendly, and environmentally conscious. Never have to worry about the impact you're leaving behind. We've on your side. Little to no carbon footprint, conserve water, abipty to use natural detergents that don't make their way back to our water supply, non electric, and cruelty-free production.

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