Best Top 10 Yarn Winders Reviews

  1. Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder
  2. Yarn Swift Yarn Winder Yarn Ball Winder Knitting Yarn Holder
  3. YaeTek Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder – Manual Wool Winder Holder for Swift Yarn
  4. Yarn Ball Winder Swift Yarn Winder Easy to Set Up and Use Metal
  5. Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder, Medium
  6. Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder – Knitting Umbrella 24″ Swift Yarn Winder Holder
  7. Yarn Ball Winder by Craft Destiny – Knitting Accessories kit Included – H
  8. Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn/Fiber/Wool/String Ball Winder, 10-Ounce
  9. Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella Swift (with Skein Holder) Basic Combo Set
  10. Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder, 4-Ounce

Knit Picks

Easily winds up to 100g or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights

Removable spindle and folding yarn guide arm make for compact storage while still allowing quick and easy assembly

Transform yarn hanks and skeins into compact center pull cakes that sit nicely while you knit and crochet

Attaches to any table edge or surface up to 1-1/2″ thick

Use with yarn swift for best results


&#10047 what’s the advantage – can be set up either horizontally or vertically! better shaped, much lighter than the wood swift. can be kept mounted on a table easily along with yarn ball winder.

&#10047 the metal construction means this knitting yarn swift folds up more compact than the wood ones. it’s very light and easy to work with. the end is designed so you can put the swift at any angle you want. once you figure out how to use the clamp it’s easy to set up either horizontally or vertically. the size is easy to adjust and it runs smoothly. if you have limi…

&#10047 why choose this yarn swifter – metal parts are thicker, sturdier than green ones. dimensions: 21″ x 19″ x 17″. the storage case is 17.5″ x 2″ x 2″ (prevents it damaging by delivery and keeps it clean)

&#10047 the table clamp or clip is 1.75″ (use it on a table thinner than 1.75″/4.5cm), which holds the swift in place and spins freely as you wind skeins. the clamp doesn’t love rounded edged table. it stays put fine, but not quite as strongly anchored as on an angular-edged table. note the clamp will leave marks on a wood table. cover with something protective.

&#10047 the yarn swift tabletop is a workhorse. we have used the yarn swifts with different yarn weights from lace to aran, and wound scads of skeins of everything from crochet cotton size 10 to a heavy worsted, and it’s worked for all. it can rock a little when using the top handle, but nothing to make you discard it. you can use it to unravel sweaters from thrift shop…


Adjustable desk clamp which can work on table thickness up to 2 inches (50mm)

Smoother, quieter and sturdier than the discontinued ball winder


Unbreakable metal crank


Improves functionality:the function of winding the fine yarn is added, which can facilitate the storage and finishing of your embroidery thread.

For home use- anytime anywhere:with this yarn ball winder, you can wind up to approximately 4 ounces of yarn.lightweight, compact.the base can be disassembled and installed. it is convenient to carry and storage.

Upgrade design:with a non-slip rubber mat, it prevents the ball winder from slipping off the side and prevents the table from being scratched.

Stainless steel materials:metal handle and metal tabletop clamp can make it stronger than winders with plastic handle.

Attention:when installing the tube, you need to wring hard according to the direction so that it can become strong.

Stanwood Needlecraft

Umbrella style

Spins smoothly

Super smooth finish by fine sanding

Made of solid wood

Medium size fits skein circumference 6 ft.


Erganomic design yarn winder swift: knitting umbrella swift is designed so it is easy to set up and allows you to have both hands free to wind the yarn into a ball.

Yarn winder: swift winder has a smooth and easy rotation so that it provides a squeak free experience. it also allows the yarn to be wound into a ball in the quickest time possible.

Knitting yarn swift: made with natural birch wood, this wooden yarn swift is machined to a high standard so that the wood will stand the test of time.

Wooden umbrella swift yarn winder: the highly sanded wooden swift is safe for your family with no added chemicals. the smooth finish also prevents the yarn from snagging.

Premium quality yarn swift: size: 28.34×24.80inch; 1pcs knitting umbrella for hanks/skeins.

Craft Destiny

Sturdy with metal handle and tabletop clamp (compare with other winders with plastic handle).

Metal clamp, sturdy and with good grip. adjustable clamp to attach to thick tables, up to 1 3/4 inch

Easy to set up and use to get yarn cakes. use it as soon as you take it from the box.

Transform skeins or hanks of yarn into ready-to-use yarn cakes that can be used from the outside or from the center.

Satisfaction guarantee: we will make it go right in case of any issue. you just need to contact us.

Stanwood Needlecraft

Ultra heavy duty, our yarn winder is constructed from 3-millimeter-thick steel with rust-resistant
powder coating to ensure it will stay in place so you can organize your yarns quickly and safely.

10 ounce capacity, our winder can handle more than 2 times the yarn a conventional winder can handle, which can reduce your workload by half.

Center-pull yarn ball,our yarn winder creates yarn balls with the string that can be pull from the
center, making your knitting sessions convenient and neat.

Reinforced nylon gear, our specific gears are designed to be both durable and flexible. tough enough
to handle high-speed winding, soft enough to ensure the gear noise is at an
absolute minimum.

Tool-less setup, trying to find a wrench to set up to wind is annoying, so we designed our winder to be set up without any hassle, so you can wind faster.


✅ easy to set up and take down – both the yarn winder and yarn swift can be set up and taken down in less than a minute. both attaches to any table edge or surface up to 1 3/4 inches easily.

✅ easy storage – both of our yarn winder and swift are collapsible to a compact size for easy storage.

✅ improved design – our new version of the yarn winder and yarn swift got rid of several issues that our users were having previously (loose yarn guide, weak clamp etc).

✅ good capacity – the yarn winder transform skeins of yarn into yarn cakes (ball of yarn) easily and winds up to 4 ounces of yarn each time.

✅ great combination – our yarn winder and yarn swift are carefully picked from several manufacturers to ensure that they are of the highest quality and compatible together.

Stanwood Needlecraft

Smoother, quieter and sturdier than the discontinued royal ball winder

4 oz. capacity

Makes center-pull balls

Unbreakable metal crank

One year unconditional warranty

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