Best Top 10 Travel Trays Reviews

  1. LUSSO Gear Kids Travel Tray – Inspire Active Toddlers & Big Kids
  2. Kids Travel Activity Storage & Organizers Snack Tray By On The Go Families
  3. Kenley Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray, 16.5 x 13.5 Inches
  4. Kids Travel Tray for Toddler Car Seat | Toddler Car Seat Tray Organizer
  5. US Kids Travel Car Seat Tray – Toddlers Carseat Tray Organizer – Large
  6. Kids Travel Tray – Activity, Snack, Play Tray & Organizer for Car Seat
  7. Kids Travel Tray by KIDSMARTER – Toddler Lap Tray, Play Tray, Snack Tray
  8. Kids Travel Tray With EXCLUSIVE Erasable Surface By BABYSEATER- Toddler Play Tray With
  9. Kids Travel Tray Bonus Reading Light Clip | Premium Car Seat Activity Tray
  10. Innokids Kids Travel Lap Tray Children Car Seat Activity Snack and Play Gray

Lusso Gear

Keep tummy’s full & hands busy – space saving dry erase board doubles as mess-containing eating tray, then easily restores to like new clean with a few wipes of a damp paper towel, without ghosting, staining or looking dingy.

Arrive without the mess – on board zipper storage pockets provide your kids easy access to their art supplies, snacks and small toys, keeping them neat and organized until you arrive at your destination.

Content kids = happy parents: keep your sanity & arrive on time. after years of long-distance travel our road trip warrior parent’s consortium perfected this car seat tray, including every useful travel tray feature kid’s need to stay happy, engaged and content. your ears & fellow passengers will thank you.

The ultimate viewing experience – tablet stand secures tablet in place, allowing kids to watch and interact hands free, so you can let kids use electronics, without worrying about them crashing to the floor

Environmentally friendly – built to last a lifetime- because we know kids love getting years of use from this tray, and parents appreciate keeping things out of landfills, we engineered this tray from the sturdiest, most durable, “toddler resistant” materials and reinforced stitching.

On The Go Families

No more fumbling around to get a snack to your hungry toddler in the backseat as you race down the interstate or finding crumbs in every nook and cranny of your car. our tray will keep children’s food contained and within their reach so you can focus on driving.

Easy to clean: our trays are waterproof and very easy to wipe up. they are even machine washable for a germ-free clean.

While other travel trays are too flimsy, bend in the middle, or let toys and snacks end up in a child’s lap, our on the go families travel tray has heavy duty side walls, a solid inch of foam with a smooth table surface and 4 side walls to keep activities contained. this means a happier child and a more peaceful trip for you.

No more bored children or miserable parents. our trays are sturdy enough for coloring, building puzzles, playing card games and more. our travel tray will restore peace and serenity to your travel, saving your sanity while keeping everyone calm, happy and self-sufficient.

We believe the world is a beautiful place & you and your family deserve the chance to see and enjoy it. traveling with children can be so rough some parents just opt to stay home. we believe that by making the journey easier more families will get out and explore in happiness. that is what on the go families is all about!

Kenley Kids

–storage room to spare – with a medium sized ipad/tablet pouch (10”w), two cup holders and a removable/collapsible storage compartment, you’ll have more room to know what to do with! there are two large zippered pockets and additional mesh pockets for even more storage. so, no matter how many crayons, travel toys, or snacks you need to bring with you, you can make sure…

–more for your money – no flimsy, short side walls here! our fully reinforced 4″ sidewalls keep food, coloring supplies, and toys exactly where they need to be, and not all over your car. the padded waterproof surface offers superior comfort for your child, while at the same time saving you clean up time. large heavy duty buckles ensures the tray stays in place, and we…

–a kid’s best friend – no matter if your toddler is hungry or bored, we’ve got the lap tray that does it all. from keeping the little ones entertained on a long plane, train, or car ride, to giving them somewhere to enjoy their snacks comfortably, kenley kids’ travel and play tray offers fun and functionality for both boys and girls. not to mention, it gives mom and da…

–perfect portability – are you the travelling kind? our fully collapsible design makes transport a breeze, and the padded carrying strap makes it that much easier… even when the little ones are trying to make it hard!

–lifetime warranty – we take a lot of pride in the quality we’ve been able to produce, and because of that, we offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves our door. your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we will always be there if you need us. from refund to a full replacement, we’ll be here to handle any issues that arise, so don’t hesit…

Beloved Belongings

🧡 anti-sag walls thick zipper … many kids car organizer tend to sag & dump items onto the floor. the 3” tall reinforced walls are sturdy still flexible enough for safety in case of accidents.

🧡 unfold & go | car, highchair, anywhere … the patented easy-fold design fits toddler car seats, airplane seats, high chairs, & keeps babies busy in any travel situation, and less “are we there yet”.

🧡 spill-proof | food, drink, drool … clean up the mess in one swipe of the waterproof, bpa free surface (instead of all over the floor). your carpets & lower back will thank you.

🧡 contained portable entertainment … engage toddlers with all their favorite toy without creating a massive clean up job. they get all of the access without you needing to constantly pick things up.

🧡 strong but safe construction … children’s safety is the # 1 priority & close behind is the sturdiness of the lap tray. sturdy enough to support a tablet & toys but soft enough for safety.


Secure tablet holder “11×9” holds and protects ipad with a see-through cover. stops spills and sticky fingers. 2 convenient side and 1 large pockets are the great storage for car travel accessories.

Safe, non-toxic and bpa-free with no unpleasant odor or chemical smell that often found in other trays. foldable backseat accessory keeps your kids entertained while traveling by car or plane.

Educational us map is the premium quality smart activity travel tray that can also be used with high chairs, dinner tables, plane seats, art desk or as a universal stroller tray attachment.

Bonus 2 activity sheets & 4 markers included in this travel set. scan qr code and get 20 more sheets. excellent convertible lap table for eating, writing, drawing, toys, games, preschool activities.

Lifetime guarantee ensures it will become your favorite no-risk purchase. enjoy the reinforced solid & dry erase surface, sturdy side walls, strong buckles using our car seat tray for toddler.


✅ [go everywhere – do anything] our children want to play with toys, draw, create, watch videos and eat their snacks, so we’ve included 2 zipper pockets for pencils and coloring books, 1 storage area on the surface of the kids lap tray for car seat that can be used as a tablet holder and a front bumper to prevent objects from falling off. the toddler car seat travel tra…

✅ [easy fold and go] to easily transport the carseat travel tray for toddlers, we’ve added a shoulder pad to the adjustable strap and we’ve created a special bag; when not in use car seat travel tray for toddlers folds flat easy and takes up minimal space. bonus: storage bag and e-book: top 30 family travel games

✅ [stress-free rides with your kids] no more fumbling around your car for this or that coloring book, toy, pencils or snack for your toddler. our travel tray will restore order and sanity to your everyday life. perfect for long road trips, this toddler travel tray keeps kids busy and makes wonders for long commutes

✅ [improved stability and durability] while other toddler trays for kids are too flimsy, too small or fold on themselves, our children travel tray is sturdy, has a solid plastic surface and uses velcro straps to keep the side walls standing. we’ve included a soft pillow to rest comfortably on your toddler’s lap. the kid travel tray was designed to be closed on the front…

✅ [our promise – lifetime warranty] we are real people and we use our own products every day. we expect the best for our family and want the same for you. we cut no corners when manufacturing the car seat activity tray and we will cut no corners in our support to you by providing the finest products and unmatched customer service or your money back!


Bonus: the carseat trays come along with a 2 in 1 magnetic drawing board, which has also a chalkboard on the back side. the erasable magnetic drawing board is the perfect toy for your toddler while you are driving. it is both fun and educational. the blackboard side contains also an eraser and chalk.

Unique frontal margin for keeping the toys and food on the travel tray: the carseat tray is designed extremely sturdy so that no toys or food go over board and fall down on the floor. it is ultra durable and sturdy. the kid travel tray features extra insert layers in both the side walls and the base along with high quality fabric and strong buckles.

Do you want to drive peacefully? this is the perfect kids travel tray for entertaining your kids on the go – keep your kids happy and calm while traveling by car, flying, or in a restaurant, with one of these kids travel trays!

Snack and play travel tray for kids: the kids can entertain themselves for hours or enjoy a snack at their discretion just by using the snack car seat table. the materials of the toddler’s travel tray, including the mesh pocket storage, can be washed with little effort on your part.

Multipurpose portable carseat tray: allows the children to eat on it, read on it, support the tablet or phone, color, play with magnetic toys, cars, dolls, wax, and many more.


With our waterproof car seat travel tray your kids can enjoy the time reading, eating, playing with toys, and doodling on the built in dry erase board

Our travel car seat tray is here to help keep your car clean; tall sides keep things from rolling off the car seat lap tray, mesh pockets serves as storage for favorite trinkets, and a special wet wipes pocket ensures quick and easy cleanup

Babyseater play tray serves up hours of entertainment for your kids

That’s why our child car seat tray comes with a dry erase board and free dry erase markers

Adjustable strap fits all ages; waterproof and kid-proof durability


✔ safer journeys- what parent has not had to deal with reaching back into the rear areas of the vehicle, desperately trying to retrieve a dropped item, and losing focus on the task of driving? minimize and prevent this by keeping your little ones things contained! you won’t have to look up as much into the rearview mirror also, unless it’s to smile at your happy kiddo, …

✔ entertain your little one – you’ll be so happy you have our travel tray on that long trip! hours of fun for your toddler, and hours of peace for parents! crafting, eating meals, watching a show/dvd/movie/smartphone/tablet, building a mini train track with wooden train car sets, building blocks, puzzles, action figures, toy cars, at the park, learning, flashcards, home…

✔ relaxing stress-free car rides – enjoy the serenity and calmness as your child eats, plays, or learns on our play-go kids travel tray! the knowledge that your child has their own enclosed mini space to snack, consume media such as video or books, or keep busy with arts & crafts or other educational activities, takes a load of stress off your shoulders even before you …

✔ protect your car’s interior – are you tired of cleaning spilled food crumbs, sauce, juice, milk, chips, goldfish crackers, etc., from inside your child’s car seat? or worse, chicken nuggets found in hidden places, sweet & sour sauce dripping slowly into unseen areas, and hamburgers taken apart into their respective pieces and found on the ground? contain the mess with…

✔ bonus reading light clip – the 2-level brightness bonus led reading light is great for attaching to the travel tray, or just using as an additional light during story time! powered by common aaa batteries (sold separately) or with a power bank using the included cable, extend the play time into the evening, or add extra light wherever it’s needed!


Keep it organized & free assembled:the detachable organizers on the travel tray top provide flexibility. three pieces of the organizers can be free assembled on the car seat snack tray,the storage areas where kids can keep crayons, snacks and other items easily accessible and prevent them from rolling off the travel lap tray. with the organizers in place kids have every…

Convienience at your fingertips: our toddler travel tray has two mesh side pockets and left zippered pocket for storing toys, baby books, water bottles, crayons and snacks, they also velcro to the bottom of the lap activity tray when not in use for simple flat storage and also can be assembled within minutes. keep items organized and accessible. no more stuff spread all…

Multipurpose protable car seat travel tray: keep your kids entertained for hours while on the go; ideal as a food tray for snacks & meals or an car seat tray for drawing, coloring and baby organizer for other travel activities in the car, stroller, airplane or bus; appropriate for a broad age range from toddler to pre-teen; plus, enjoy our free baby in car sign/colourfu…

Easy clean surface & cartoon design: the car seat tray provides a creative surface image with fun characters and pictures. erasable surface layer makes cleaning up by a piece of napkin paper and you can place a piece of paper under the plastic layer, your children can color as much as their children-hood imagination, without ever running out of paper!

100% money back guarantee!: innokids offers complete customer satisfaction period. our customers are more important than our sales. if for any reason you are not absolutely happy with your kids travel tray, we will replace or refund your order, unconditionally and hassle-free for you. please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to solve your problem quick…

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