Best Top 10 Serger Threads Reviews

  1. IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards (EACH) White Serger Cone Thread All
  2. Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread from Polyester for Serger, Overlock, Quilting, Sewing
  3. Threadart Polyester Serger Thread – 2750 yds 40/2 – Grey – 56 Colors
  4. 4 Large Cones 3000 Yards Each of Polyester Threads for Sewing Quilting Serger
  5. ilauke 12 X 1500M Overlock Sewing Thread Assorted Colors Yard Spools Cone 100%
  6. Set of 12 Black & White Serger Embroidery Thread Cones by Allary
  7. Serger Quilting Embroidery Thread Cones – 1500M Bundle of 14 Assorted Colors:
  8. ThreadNanny 4 White 3k 4 Cones of Polyester Threads for Sewing Quilting Serger
  9. Sewing Thread 100% Polyester Spools 5 Colors 3000 Yard Spools Overlock Cone
  10. 4 Large Cones (3000 Yards Each) Text 27 Polyester Sewing Quilting Serger Maxi

IZO Home Goods

This thread can be used for a variety of sewing projects

6000 yard each cone (total of 24,000 yards)

Use for serger, over lock, merrow, single needle etc.

It features polyester covered polyester core for strength

100-percent spun polyester

Mandala Crafts

Great for sewing, hemming, or seaming upholstery, cotton, canvas, drapery, quilt, or flannel;

Bulk sewing supply kit: 5 spools per set; length of each spool: 6000 yards; total length: 30,000 yards; weight: 40 wt; five colors: black, white, taupe, gray, and tan;

Sewing thread or hilo de coser made from 100% spun polyester with plastic overlock cones; knot and tangle free; non-stretchy; heavy duty polyester core, strong, and durable; minimal lint; continuous length and consistent quality;

Good for home or commercial machines with single needle or hand sewing; compatible with most sergers, overlocks, and sewing machines;

Warranty: 45 days. mandala crafts, a trademark solely owned by mandala trading inc., is the only distributor of mandala crafts.


✅ 2750 yards per cone, 40 weight/2 ply. over 56 colors available

✅ outstanding durability, colorfastness and low lint. made of strong 100% spun polyester.

✅ 4 cone bundle pack of threadart strong spun polyester on large cones is designed for serger machine color fast, lustrous, and very durable

✅ combines the strength of polyester with a soft touch and sheen similar to cotton

✅ 40 weight/2 ply, 2750 yds per cone. perfect for all your serging and sewing needs. you will get 4 huge spools for each unit you order. a rainbow of colors are available.


Each cone is 3000yards. you will receive 4 cones total of 12000 yards.

Mildew and uv light tolerant

4 cones of polyester threads for sewing quilting serger white color

Excellent seamstrength and consistent sewability

Shrink and abrasion resistant


100% polyester, durable and strong. ideal for quilting, carpet, dress making, general stitching etc.

Can be used by hand or machine sewing. for fabric by the yard.

12 spools of 1500m sewing thread spool, 18000 meters(19620 yards) in total.

12 assorted rainbow colors, meet the requirement of projects needing variety of colors.

Featured polyester covered polyester core for strength. not only for household use, also a brillant gift idea.

Designer’s Choice

6 each black and white spools, 1500 meters or 1640 yards each

Perfect for embroidery, serger, quilting, and general sewing

100% all purpose spun polyester thread on cones

Have on hand a supply of your most used colors

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Perfect for all of your sewing needs

Each cone holds 1500 meters (1640 yards) of thread

Serger all purpose spun polyester thread on cones in 14 colors

Wonderful selection of bright, vibrant colors and neutrals


High quality, high tensile strength, low lint thread

Good for any home or commercial machine

4 cones of polyester threads for sewing quilting serge white color as shown

Each cone is 3000yards


Serger thread – 5 spools of 3000 yard overlock sewing thread spool, a complete set for your thread serger and standard sewing machines.

Perfect gift – this thread set are not only enough for your household use, also perfect to give your friends and family as a gift.

Great basic colors – a range of neutral colors from white to black, can be used with almost any color fabric, perfect set for sewing your casual clothes.

Efficiently sewing – 100% polyester, sturdy and durable, it will not be fraying, breaking and tangling up easily, also great for hand sewing.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please fell free to contact our buyer support team for immediate assistance.

American & Efird

Each cone is 3000yards text 27. quality 100% polyester thread for the serger

Mildew and uv light tolerant. also shrink and abrasion resistant

American & efird thread 4 cones of polyester threads for sewing quilting serger

Excellent seamstrength and consistent sewability

You will receive 4 cones total of 12000 yards.

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