Best Top 10 Rv Awning Cleaners Reviews

  1. Awning Cleaner and Black Streak Remover 1 Gallon Bottle
  2. MiracleMist RV and Boat Cleaner, Restore Life and Color to Camper Siding, Awnings
  3. Meguiar’s M5716 Marine/RV Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner & Protectant – 16 oz
  4. Camco 43633 Wash Brush with Adjustable Handle
  5. Garage Monkey Engineering Scrub Brush for Washing Cars, Trucks, RVs, Homes | Long
  6. Dometic D1205002 Premium RV Awning Cleaner – 32 oz
  7. Thetford 96017 Awning Cleaner, 64 oz
  8. Duragloss 542 Marine and RV Cleaner with Mildew Buster – 1 Gallon
  9. RV Awning Cleaner 32 oz


Easy to use: spray on, wipe off

Cleans many kinds black streaks on rv’s trailers coaches boats

Miracle mist

Restore color: this boat and rv cleaner restores original life color to your boat and rv surfaces. adds enhancing shine and gloss with no greasy or artificial look

No scrub formula: proprietary boat and rv deep cleaning technology creates a long-lasting barrier keeping your surfaces protected and clean. simply spray on, then let dry. no scrubbing necessary

Marine + rv power cleaner: safely remove oxidation, water spots, stains caused by mold, mildew, and algae

No harsh smell: refreshing and clean smell. no harsh chemical smell

100% satisfaction guarantee: miraclemist is gold standard for indoor and outdoor cleaners and protectants. if you’re not satisfied with miraclemist, let us know and we’ll make it right


Natural sheen: leaves vinyl, rubber and plastics with a clean, rich natural sheen instead of a greasy or artificial plastic look or feel

Specially formulated: formula geared toward the severe conditions of marine and rv environments

Premium ingredients: a complex blend of premium ingredients to clean, shine and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces

Surface protection: conditioners help prevent boat and rv surfaces from drying, fading or cracking, while uv protection reduces damage caused by the sun

Easy to use: convenient spray trigger allows you to easily spray on and wipe off


Includes a locking brush head and rubber corners: features a locking head so your wash head won’t spin while in use; rubber corners protect what you are washing

Large soft bristle brush head: 10 inch wide soft bristle brush head provides maximum cleaning power

Adjustable handle: handle adjusts from 43 inches up to 71 inches long

Water flow control: base of handle includes a standard garden hose connection and an on/off button to control water flow through the brush head

Wide cleaning head: features an 11 inch wide cleaning head. built in squeegee: provides a streak free shine

Garage Monkey Engineering

✅extra long telescoping pole – a fully-adjustable telescopic rod that reaches 50” to 112” long, keep both feet on the ground, no balancing on a ladder. lots of uses, saves you time and effort in hard-to-reach areas.

✅improved water flow control – the simple on/off switch at your fingertips is designed to help you create a thicker, richer lather when you’re soaping up your brush or wash away areas clean while conserving water.

✅remove dirt and grime – this outdoor scrubbing brush can be used on your car, truck, van, suv, or even your home, patio, or deck to help wash away dirt, thick mud, or road grime without scratching paint.

✅wider precision cleaning head – the end of each car washing brush handle is fitted with a 10” wide all-sided bristle brush that gives you more control over your cleaning process, ideal for home or professional use.

✅versatile connectivity – garage monkey car wash brush attaches to a garden hose and includes a removable slip-on water inlet nozzle. the brush end can be fitted with a paint roller to provide multiple tool use.


Fits 300 series toilets

Packaging & labels could vary from images shown

Water hose for dometic lightweight toilets

Color: white

Premium rv

[safety]: chlorine-free and color safe, the cleaner can be used on fabric, vinyl, and plastic and is tested safe for rv

[functionality]: premium rv awning cleaner is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and has a pleasant fragrance

Thetford 96017 awning cleaner – 64 oz

[versatility]: premium rv awning cleaner can be used on any awning, cleaning and protecting against uv rays

[performance]: cleans awnings, shower stalls, rubber, vinyl, and plastic, removing tough stains, bugs, bird droppings and more

[convenience]: available in a 32 spray bottle, easy to use and store, the awning cleaner can be sprayed directly on the surface


Specially formulated blend of surfactants that penetrate and emulsify to make short work of mildew and stubborn stains on vinyl, fiberglass, tiles and other non-porous surfaces on the boat or rv

Work in a ventilated area

Professional strength marine and rv cleaner removes mildew and stains instantly

Works great inside and outside of the boat or rv

Revives mildew-stained surfaces and makes them look new again

Star Brite

Ideal for use on leaf stains, bird droppings, dirt, bug deposits and more

Ideal for cleaning outdoor furniture cushions

Powerful formula removes tough stains from fabric and vinyl awnings; economical to use

Safe for all rv exterior fabrics; won’t discolor or stain



100% biodegradable liquid

Non-bleaching formula won’t discolor or stain fabrics & surfaces


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