Best Top 10 Rubber Roofs Reviews

  1. Protect All RV Rubber Roof Treatment – 1 gallon – anti-static, dirt repelling
  2. Dicor RPRG1GL Roof-Gard Rubber Roof Protectant
  3. Protect All 67128 Rubber Roof Cleaner – 1 Gallon
  4. EternaBond White Mobile Home RV Rubber Roof Repair 4″ x 20′ – 20
  5. Dicor RPRC1GL Rubber Roof Cleaner – 128 oz
  6. Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating – 1 Gallon
  7. Dicor RPCRPQ EPDM Rubber Roofing Coating System roof Cleaner/Activator – 1 Quart
  8. B.E.S.T. 55128 Rubber Roof Cleaner and Protectant
  9. Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating – 1 Gallon
  10. Dicor RPRC320S Rubber Roof Cleaner, 30oz


[performance]: the formula coats the roof in a tough polymer with anti-static properties, preventing grime from sticking and reducing the powdery roof chalk that causes gray streaks

[utility]: provides a barrier against uv light and against the elements, repelling dirt and grime

[versatility:] protectall rubber roof treatment with uv protection is easy to apply on any epdm rubber roof

[convenience]: reduces maintenance up to 75% – more protection, less cleaning required


Part number: rp-rg-1gl

Brand: dicor

Rubber roof protectant gallon


[performance]: the active components of the cleaner dissolve and clean heavy grime and chalk accumulation

[safety]: biodegradable, non-toxic and non-abrasive, safe on all epdm rubber roof systems

[versatility]: protectall rubber roof cleaner is specially formulated to clean your rv’s epdm rubber roof

[convenience]: easy and fast application – no rinsing is necessary – spray, mop, and air dry


This product is cut from a master roll of 50 feet and repackaged to provide you with an economical solution for your project in a length not available from the manufacturer.

4″ x 20′ roll of authentic eternabond tape.

Eternabond tape will not adhere to silicone caulk.


Part number: rp-rc-1gl

Brand: dicor

Rubber roof cleaner gallon


It is uv resistant and expands and contracts with roofs

Available in gallon size

Designed for use over rv rubber roofs, at seams and tears and to seal vents, air conditioners, etc.

Resists cracking and withstands impact, non-polluting and non-toxic


Saves more than 25 percent in labor compared to competing products

Dries quickly

Extends the life of your epdm rubber roof

Has a 1 quart to 125 square feet coverage rate

Contains no harmful petroleum distillates, harsh abrasives or citric ingredients that can cause irreparable harm


Professional strength, non-petroleum formula

Help prevent mold, mildew and fungus growth

Extends the life of your rv’s rubber roof matting by cleaning and conditioning in one easy application

Easily cleans streaks, oxidation and road film as it moisturizes, conditions and preserves your rubber roof

Size: 128 oz bottle


Flexes very well

Requires less lifetime maintenance

Well suited for retrofit installations

Eliminates irritating roof rumble

Specific gravity:1.41


Contains water-softening agents to combat hard water spotting

Professional strength, ready to use and biodegradable

Safe for regular use on all rv roofing and exteriors

Also recommended for boats, personal watercraft, automobiles and motorcycles