Best Top 10 Origami Papers Reviews

  1. Origami Paper 1000 Sheets 6 Inch Square Double Sided Color 25 Vivid Colors
  2. Caydo 50 Vivid Colors 200 Sheets Single Sided Origami Paper 6-Inch by 6-Inch
  3. Origami Paper Double Sided Color – 200 Sheets – 20 Colors – 6
  4. Origami Paper Special – 500 Sheet Economy Pack – 6 Inch Square Sheets
  5. Premium Origami Paper 6×6 inch Double Sided 200 Sheets, 20 Vibrant Designs of
  6. Beautiful Japanese Origami Paper (a.k.a. Chiyogami), Each Contains Four Different Designs, Made in
  7. WOWOSS 112 Sheets Foil Cardstock, Metallic Mirror Board Sheets for Arts and Crafts
  8. [Taro’s Origami Studio] 23 Colors 200 Sheets 6×6 Inch Standard Single Sided Origami


Perfect size: these sheets of paper are perfectly square with the size of 6” x 6” (15 cm x 15 cm), the most popular size for origami. 25 lively solid colors with same color on both sides. no matter how you fold them, you will see the colors

Economy pack: 1000 sheets with 25 vibrant and vivid colors. 40 sheets for each color. it’s perfect for school origami lessons ,large projects or beginner training . teachers can teach students different kinds of origami by using only one pack. we can promoise : this origami pack will be the valuest one to purchase on amazon.

Premium quality: the paper won’t be torn easily and curl at edges. the colors can last a very long time. if you make a wrong folding ,you can refold it . the paper doesn’t have bad smell ,you can use them to decorate your rooms or craft projects

Eco-friendly and save your time: the paper has no peculiar smell and any harmful or toxic substances to human’s body or to environment. origami sheets are wrapped in a beautiful card box but not same as others who packed in an polybag which maybe make the paper sheets wrinkled .the box can collect well the rest unused sheets and these sheets won’t be in a ess inside the…

Best choice for origami paper


Popular quantity: 200 sheets, each color 4 sheets; note: about 18% of the origami papers are single sided

Gift for childrens and adult who enjoys doing this wonderful art form. these vivid color sheets can help children to know and distinguish colors

Colorful: 50 lively solid colors

Dimension: 6 x 6 inch / 15 x 15 cm, perfect for making traditional origami shapes

Folded papers into the shape you want, suitable for crafts and art projects


20 vivid and vibrant colors colored paper – same color both sides

Most popular size 6 inch by 6 inch – folds easily – high quality paper ,won’t tear

Origami paper 200 sheets – much suitable for schools,teachers and beginners that need great origami paper

Holds a crease – won’t curl at edges

Azo free ,without any bad smell

Origami Craze

20 vivid and vibrant colors – same color both sides

Most popular size folding paper – folds easily – won’t tear

500 sheet ultimate color economy pack – perfect for schools and teachers that need great origami paper at an economical price

Excellent craft paper – holds a crease – won’t curl at edges

100 origami designs included (please see back of cover for download info)

Rally Toys

❤️ great value pack: our pricing is under 5 cents vs competitors’ 10 cents per sheet. premium paper (80 gsm), more sheets and more vibrant graphics printing than our competitors’ solid color or single-sided paper. the paper is smooth, crisp, flexible and holds creases and shapes well, yet very forgiving for mistakes in folding. even better: a very fine art paper folder …

🎁 perfect gift with educational value: this unique origami paper set in a fine art paper folder is ready to be given as a nice and thoughtful gift with no need for additional presents wrapping

❤️ what’s inside: 200 sheets (margin of error: ± 3 sheets), double-sided square origami paper. easy origami instructions are included to help you make traditional origami models such as crane and animal-head finger puppets. you will create awesome origami works with these 20 vibrant designs of beautiful galaxy and night-sky fireworks themes

❤️ develop artistic skills: the origami paper is designed for both kids and grown-ups to develop artistic skills. it is a one-of-a-kind education tool to help kids stay focused, improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination abilities

♻️ safe and nature friendly: rally toys values the safety and well-being of everyone and closely monitors the quality of the products by adhering to the industry standards. the materials used in our products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Kodama Paper

🌸 the size is a 150 mm × 150 mm (5.875 x 5.875-inch) square. 12 sheets x 4 designs, 48 sheets in total. depending on how you fold it will change in various ways like magic.

🌸 manufactured by a japanese paper maker, kyowa shiko founded in 1966. it is made in japan.

🌸 it is an origami with 4 very beautiful sakura patterns. in japan it is called “chiyo-gami.” chiyo means “to last a thousand years”

🌸 the texture of the paper is thin and crisp and easy to fold into any shape. depending on how you fold it will change in various ways like magic.

🌸 it is a very reasonable price, please enjoy 😉


High quality material – mirror board sheets paper made of superior quality 10 pt. card stock paper, metallic foiled surface on one side, white on the other side and reflect almost like a mirror.

Abundant colour – with 7 different colors, purple, deep purple, gold, royal blue, green, silver, red, there is a style for everyone. 16 pieces each color.

Metallic cardstock paper – includes 112 sheets metallic foil board sheets for your arts, crafts, and designs. transform your diy projects into classy and elegant works.

Dimension – 6×6 inch / 15×15 cm, it fits just right, the card stock is easy to cut using craft scissors or a die-cutting machine.

It’s arts & crafts time – mirror cardstock paper sheets is great for scrapbooking, holiday decorations, gifts, party and wedding décor and much more !

Taro’s Origami Studio

“taro’s origami studio – origami paper” was designed and curated by taro’s origami studio teachers based on countless hours of folding experience. “taro’s origami studio origami paper” is made in japan, and its quality has been ensured with countless creases, squashes, and crimps.

23 colors, 200 sheets

About 60 gsm weight, all papers are smooth to the touch, thin but strong, having good crease memory capacity. this paper is the true standard origami paper with amazing made-in-japan quality.

Origami creations range from a simple boat, cup, and hat to the more elaborate but feasible dinosaur, shark, and rabbit.

6 x 6 inch

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