Best Top 10 Masking Fluids Reviews

  1. Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid, Colourless, 75ml
  2. Daniel Smith Watercolor Masking Fluid System, 1-Fluid Ounce
  3. Grafx Masking Fluid 2mm Fine Tip (728.00099999999998)
  4. Grafix White Mask Liquid Frisket, 2-Ounce
  5. Winsor and Newton 75-Milliliter Watercolor Art Masking Fluid, Yellow
  6. Winsor and Newton 75-Milliliter Watercolor Art Masking Fluid, Colorless
  7. Art Ruling Pen for Applying Masking Fluid Line Work
  8. FASHIONROAD 3 Sizes Art Ruling Pen, Fine Line Masking Fluid Pen, 3 Pieces
  9. Colour Shaper Couble-End Masking Fluid Tool
  10. Fineline Masking Fluid Pen 20 Gauge W/Masking Fluid, 1.25 Ounces

Winsor & Newton

For masking areas of work needing protection when color is applied in broad washes

Remove as soon as possible after application

Art masking fluid is a colorless, non-staining liquid composed of rubber latex

Do not use on damp or soft sized paper

Comes in 75-ml bottle


Includes five fine-point tips that can be attached to the bottle and used as a drawing tool

Allow the masking fluid to dry thoroughly before painting with watercolor

Off-white when wet and dries to a transparent caramel color

Excellent coverage; easy flowing application

Made in the usa


Ready to use without further application tools

Easily removable without residues

Apply to the surface not to be painted, then colorize and let dry briefly before removing

For all surfaces and creative media

Tip is exchangeable and marker is refillable


Easily removable and durable

Available in 2-ounce, 4-1/2-ounce and 8-1/2-ounce bottles

A liquid frisket preferred by many watercolor artists

High quality latex

Made in the usa

Winsor & Newton

Use with a brush or pen

Can be used with white paper and previously colored areas

Protects areas when applying broad color washes

Apply directly to the paper

75 ml bottle

Winsor & Newton

A very valuable learning tool for children

Provides a hands-on activity that will aid in memory retention

Sold as an each

Designed to aid in number recognition

Made of durable plastic for years of use


Used to create fine lines that are masked from the paint

For drawing of lines and borders in ink, watercolour and gouache

Artist ruling pen ink drawing painting tool

Great for grasses, small branches, rope, and other fine detail

The variable line widths are set by a screw adjustment


Material: the art ruling pen is made of stainless steel and plastic, durable and long lasting

Usage: dip the ink on the crevice of the art ruling pen, and the pen need to be perpendicular to the paper

Size: s: 12cm, m: 12.5cm, l: 13.3cm, you can choose different length according to your needs

Application: the fluid line pen is a perfect tool for you to draw a straight line

Thickness adjustment: you can control the line thickness by adjusting the screws of the fluid line pen

Colour Shaper

The pointed silicone tip is perfect for applying masking fluid

High quality round nylon brush offers additional use of a single tool

Doubled-ended tool for watercolor masking and painting

Easy to keep clean

Ideal for plein air painters

Fineline Applicators

This package contains one 1.25oz (37.5 ml) bottle of masking fluid with a 20 gauge (.5mm) tip and one separate cap for storage. made in usa.

Use with acrylics, ink, gutta, watercolors, oil paints, silk dyes, stains, henna, water-based glues, glazes, and more (all sold separately)

Applicator bottles

The unique cap/wire system is non-clogging and air-tight

This package contains one 1.25 fl-oz (37.5 ml) bottle with a 20 gauge (.5mm) tip

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