Best Top 10 Hid Lights Reviews

  1. HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs – 9006 5000K – Bright White (1 Pair)
  2. RCP – D2S8 – (A Pair) D2S 8000K Xenon HID Repcement Bulb Ice
  3. BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP
  4. H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit, DOT Approved, SEALIGHT S1 Series 12x CSP
  5. XENTEC 9006 6000K HID Xenon Bulb x 1 pair (HB4, Ultra White)
  6. Philips D1S Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, 1 Pack
  7. Innovited 55W AC Xenon HID Lights”All Bulb Sizes and Colors” with Digital Slim
  8. CougarMotor H11 (H8, H9) LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit,7200 Lumen
  9. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 10000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlights Conversion
  10. ICBEAMER 6000K D1R D1C D1S Xenon HID Direct Replacement Replace OEM Factory Headlight


Hid replacement bulbs require hid ballast to work. hid bulbs will not operate without a ballast. compatible with both dc and ac hid ballast

Hid-warehouse&reg bulbs includes: (2) hid xenon replacement bulbs (2) plug and play wiring harness

Hid-warehouse&reg hid replacement bulbs are compatible with 35w & 55w ballast. compatible with most aftermarket hid kits (please check bulb connectors to ensure they are the same)

100% plug and play installation. no modification required. 3x brighter than halogen bulbs. lasts 5x longer. 35% less power consumption

2 year hassle free warranty – live tech support via phone & e-mail


Five times the product lifetime: hid without use tungsten wire as a medium, not only a more stable light output, but service life more 2500 hours, five times than the halogen bulb.

Precise focal length: the light same as the original car can avoid glare, lamp holder with high temperature materials can avoid vaporization and atomization caused by lighting.

Three times brightness: hid is about 3200 lumens, the halogen lamp about 1000 lumens, hid consumes approximately 35 watts, about half the halogen lamps of 65 watts.

Environmental protection: sun white light can make the driver more confortable, anti-uv quartz glass can prevent cracking the mirror and shade, spray,mercury-free.

Safety: oil-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant due to the good quality wires and materials, waterproof can reduce the chance of rain leakage and short circuit occurs.


Super long lifespan: > 30,000hrs,50w per set,the power of each lamp only 25w,greatly extend the serving life.

Health and safety: no high voltage and large current startup, no circuit interference and electromagnetic radiation, no fan, driver smaller, installation easier, plug and play.

H11 led headlight bulb, newest korean csp led chips (double-sided) producing 8000 lumens output per set,with output 4000lm per light for safety driving at night, 6500k xenon white, far more than the halogen lamp.

Lamp low heat: far less than halogen lamp, greatly prolongs the service life of lamps and lanterns.

Good light beam pattern: with a narrow strip light of light emitting surface, close to the halogen design, rather than other products circular surface emitting.


Better visibility, 40w 6000lm/pair, super focused and max light output with a wider and farther lighting area, 6000k for drivers who want to increase visibility during the day

Mini design, plug and play, no tool required, sized to perfectly fit your housing and plug directly into your factory sockets, no more modification on housing or cover

S1 series universal version, used for dim halogen replacement, fit h11/h8/h9 low beam or fog light, replace yellow light, upgrade modern led white, make a new look

Safe beam, same as halogen filament design, no glare oncoming traffic, no dark spots or shadowed areas, adapted for all environment, like snowy day, foggy day, rainy day, haze weather

All-in-one durable design structure enhances heat dissipation function and extend lifespan, over 30000 hours lifespan, ip67 waterproof


replacement bulb for hid conversion, require xentec hid ballast to work

compatible with xentec ballast

output up to 3000lm, 3x of halogen bulb; machine calibrated bulb ensure color precision

all bulbs are sold in pair


Packaging may vary. application- high beam and low beam. wattage: 35 w

Philips is committed to helping protect its customers from poor imitations of inferior quality that may damage a vehicle or result in personal injury. every authentic philips xenon hid headlight bulb features a certificate of authentication (coa) on its packaging.

Always ensure you are buying genuine philips products. verify that the product packaging you receive includes the certificate of authentication sticker..always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. headlights dim over time.

When installing a new bulb, never touch the glass. either use gloves or paper towel when handling.

Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable compliant lumens:3350 ±300

You can verify the authenticity through the qr code on the coa or through our website.


Easy and simple installation. usually takes less than 20 minutes! literally “plug-and-play” in most vehicles with no resistors or extra wiring. some vehicles may need professional installation.

Service life 5,500 hours or 229 days, ac 55w: max bright 3,900 lm light

55w hid lighting system ,no.1 customer service & quality, 2 yr warranty

100% waterproof 100% dustproof 100% shockproof .3x brighter than halogen bulbs. lasts 5x longer. 35% less power consumption.

Included: 2x 55w ballast , 2x 55w hid bulbs ,mounting brackets and installation manual.2 year warranty – live tech support via phone & e-mail

Cougar Motor

Heat kills: whole aluminum housing 10,000 rpm powerful turbocool fan to ensures your led headlight bulbs over 50,000 hrs of brilliant continuous light.

Longer life: last more than 50,000 hours. works underwater! rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations.

High power: top cree led chips with 60w per pair. cool white 6000k. high luminous efficacy flux up to 7200lm per pair. 200% brighter than your stock halogen headlights.the latest technology to ensure a perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or foggy light.

Easy installation: can be installed in 20 mins. plug and play. these bulbs are canbus-ready and will work with most vehicle’s computer system without error. if you are not sure whether the right, please contact us before purchase.


Over 5,0000 hours lifespan – whole aviation aluminum body, unique hollow-carved heat sink design and 1,2000rpm turbo cool fan provide super cooling ability, which ensures a longer lifespan up to 5,0000 hours.

Canbus-ready for 98% vehicles – our bulbs are canbus-ready and work with 98% of vehicle’s computer system without error. note: for some sensitive vehicles like newer jeep, dodge, volvo or some european vehicles may require additional decoder or anti-flicker harness.

300% brighter than halogen – top automotive-grade led chips with 60w, 10,000lm per pair,6500k cool white. super focused beam pattern design provides wider and farther lighting range which is 3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb.

10 minutes easy installation – almost 1: 1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play.


Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable compliant lumens:3350

Color: 6000k diamond white

Lower energy consumption: uses only 35w electric power and reduces power usage by 40 percent.high luminous efficacy flux up to 7600lm per pair.compatible with existing d1s d1r d1c headlamp optics.

Cross reference: d1s d1c d1r xenon hid light bulbs

Simply remove stock bulbs and replace with these new ones, no modification needed!

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