Best Top 10 Etching Supplies Reviews

  1. Armour Etch Cream, 10-Ounce
  2. Uolor 70 Pcs Engraving Tool Kit, Multi-Functional Electric Corded Micro Engraver Etching Pen
  3. Armour Etch 15-0250 Cream, 22-Ounce
  4. Armour Glass Etching Cream Carded,2.8-Ounce
  5. Heartybay 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set, Blue
  6. Stained Glass Flux Brushes / 6 Pack
  7. XIM 44082 Etching Cream, 1-Quart
  8. Silhouette Metal Etching Sheets
  9. Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit
  10. Mallard-Duck Glass Etching Stencils, Animal Series + How to Etch CD with Patterns

Armour Etch

Permanent etched designs

10-ounce bottle of armour etch cream

Dishwasher safe


▲2 in 1 rotary button controls on/off and stepless speed from 3,000 to 20,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) for different materials

▲16 stencils – 4 basic letter/number templates help etch words and numbers. write personal messages on jewelry or stone, or use it for engraving personalized arts and crafts. more graphic and flower stencils give you more ways to personalize your valuables

▲get an engraving kit that does it all. this unique kit lets you engrave personalize or decorate almost any surface in seconds – metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather, diamond, stone and more

▲52 accessories and scriber included – the rotary diy tool kit includes all kinds of accessories can widely be used in engraving, carving, sanding, polishing (nail polishing), etching, routing, grinding, drilling, cutting etc.

▲light and compact pen-like design provides comfortable use for precision engraving performance from fine lines to deep grooves. ergonomic grip adds extra comfort and steady control

Armour Etch

Mirrors and household glassware. create your own custom glass etching stencil or use one of our pre-cut stencils. this unique glass etching system enables anyone to personalize and decorate glass or mirrors in minutes with no previous experience.

Etched designs are dishwasher safe

Will not etch plastics or some pyrex

Armour etch is a fast acting specially formulated glass etching compound that lets you create permanent etched designs on windows

Designs are permanent

Not intended for use by children


Create permanent etched designs on windows, mirrors and household glassware

Will not etch plastics or some pyrex

Glass etching cream carded is a fast acting specially formulated glass etching compound

Create your own custom glass etching stencil or use one of our pre-cut stencils


This acrylic artist paint brush set contains 10 sizes: 5/8 8 6 4 5 3 2 2 1 2/0.

High-quality material,excellent workmanship, attractive packaging, the achievements of this professional grade quality brushes!good idea as gifts for beginners, kids and artists or own use for watercolor oil, acrylic painting / body, nail, face painting / miniature, ceramic, model, leather, gesso, craft art painting, etc.

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Length:16.5cm~18.5cm(6.5~7.3 inches)

Note: due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you!


The overall length of each brush is approximately 6″. the brush portion is approximately .75″ while the metal portion(handle) of the brush is approximately 5.25″

Pack of six


Brush-on & scrape off after 4-5 minutes

Leaves a uniform, dull surface without the problem of deep sanding scratch marks

Removes the glossy surface glaze

Silhouette America

These anodized metal sheets are perfect for etching because the colored surface contrasts with the silvery aluminum underneath

Curio 5 in x 7 in metal etching sheets

1 sheet each of 5 in. x 7 in.  black, gold, and pink metal etching sheets


Color: white

Country of origin: china

Includes 1 bottle of etching cream (2 fl. oz.), 1 roll of stencil vinyl (9×36″), 1 roll of transfer tape (9×36″), silhouette hook, silhouette scraper, idea book and instructional dvd.

Product dimension: 3.0″l x 11.5″w x 9.0″h

Armour Etch

Precut animal stencils are easy to apply!

Self stick adhesive-backed stencils

Consists of 4 separate duck stencils in pond and 4 others flying away.

Detailed stencils work by applying etching cream to glass and rub off when done.

Free how to etch ebook & patterns on cd-rom