Best Top 10 Cousin Pliers Reviews

  1. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Tool Kit, 3-Piece
  2. Beadaholique Beadsmith Jeweller’s Micro Pliers Bentnose
  3. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Wire Looping Pliers, 5-Inch
  4. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Nylon Jaw Pliers, 5-1/2-Inch
  5. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Long Nose Pliers, 4-1/2-Inch
  6. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Long Nose Pliers, 5-Inch (4455)
  7. Cousin Precision Comfort 3-in-1 Plier for Jewelry Making
  8. Cousin Craft and Jewelry Flat Nose Pliers, 4-1/2-Inch
  9. Mini Cousin Craft and Jewelry Making Pliers Tools,Linesman Pliers/Long Nose with Blade/ Diagonal/
  10. Cousin Precision Comfort Long Nose Pliers For Jewelry Making


The curved-edges of the round-nosed pliers make forming loops and curves a pleasure

Heavy-duty cutting tool is ideal for cutting through hard temper wires

Jewelry crafters will love this convenient pack of essential tools. three tools in one pack,includes a needle nosed pliers with an aqua colored handle a round nose pliers with purple handle and side cutters with pink handles

Long needle-nose pliers are versatile for picking placing shaping and holding objects.


Pliers are 4.5 inches long, tips are 1.5mm at the narrowest point.

Note: these pliers are intended for beading and other fine hobby work.

The bent nose will allow you to get into difficult spots with less hand and wrist fatigue.

Sturdy box joint construction. leaf spring.


Manufacturer: cousin


Comfort padded handles and durable double leaf spring construction

Reduce the gauge of sterling wire by repeatedly drawing the wire through the jaws

These nylon jawed pliers have many uses and will not damage soft metal findings like sterling

They can also be used to straighten bent wires and pins! simply draw the wire through the jaws, turn and draw again to take out the kinks

Opens to . 75 inches, overall size: 5. 3 in. l x 2 in. w


Needle-nose pliers provide precision crimping, bending, and holding for craft projects.


Long needle-nosed pliers are versatile for picking, placing, shaping and holding objects.


This 3-in-1 set of pliers is like having a round-nose, a flat nose, and a side cutter in one piece

This set of pliers is part of our precision comfort line which was designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce stress

Bright, attractive turquoise handle


Material: cotton

The item package weight of the product is: 1.0 lb

The country of origin: china

Assembly required


2.type:end cutting plier or top cutting plier,color: black+silver+yellow

4.suitable for wire work, beading, jewellery making or gift packaging. item specifics: type: round nose pliers /long chain nose pliers/bent nose pliers/4.3”diagonal side cutters/end cutting pliers

1.material: carbon steel,serrated jaws for better grip,double dipped cushion grip handles for sage gripping

3.description carbon steel hardened and tempered. captive double leaf springs. with comfortable soft grip rubber handles.

5.flat nose pliers/wire-cutter pliers/5″ needle nose pliers size: see the picture package quantity:1pc


These long-nose pliers are great for all of your jewelry making needs

This set of pliers is part of our precision comfort line which was designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce stress

Bright, attractive pink handle

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