Best Top 10 Car Battery Chargers Reviews

  1. 5 Amp 12V Automatic Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower, Boat
  2. ADPOW 12V 5A Automatic Battery Charger Maintainer Smart Portable Deep Cycle Trickle Charger
  3. Ampeak 2/8/15A 12V Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer Automatic with Winter Mode
  4. Schumacher SC1281 2/6/30/100A 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger
  5. DieHard 71219 Shelf Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer (6/12 Volt 2 Amp)
  6. Schumacher SC1280 15A Rapid Charger for Automotive and Marine Batteries
  7. Deltran SuperSmart Battery Tender Plus 12-Volt 1.25 AMP Battery Charger
  8. DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter
  9. 2/10/25A 12V Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer Fully Automatic with Engine Start, Cable Clamps
  10. GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter


Fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, then to trickle charge.

Lcd screen displays charging status and battery status; charge voltage, charge current, inside temperature, battery full,summer mode, winter mode, etc.

5 amp battery charger maintains and charges all type of agm, gel, sla, flooded(wet), calcium type deep cycle automotive or marine 4ah-100ah 12v battery.

Built in circuit protection guards against against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating.

Pulse repair function can help to repair your loss battery and extend battery life. note: it can not activate a dead battery or repair a battery which is damaged seriously; it also can not repair a battery back to 100% new.


Wide application: charge fully drained 12v pb/sla/gel/agm/vrla/sealed lead-acid batteries and wet/flooded for maintenance, including lawn mower, boat, car, electric vehicle, electric tools, ride-on toys.

Customized design: ultra-compact, portable and lightweight with the mounting holes, non-slipping and easy to carry; water and dust resistant make it more safe to use in any situations.

Intelligent charging mode: 7-stages automatic charging process [ desulfation – softstart – bulkcharge – absorbtion – testmode – recondition – float] by mcu controller, the led indicator provide visual feedback of battery capacity and diagnostic information accordingly, efficiently prolong the lifetime of the battery.

Multi-protection: ensure ultimate safety protect against short circuit/ovp/ocp/overload/polarity reversed,etc, full-loaded & burn-in test proved to be high efficiency and longevity.

What you get: come with smart battery charger with dc adapters, with lifetime quality warranty & 30 days refund & timely after-sale service solve all your problems.


✔ excellent winter charging mode: specialized design for charging battery in winter weather conditions to sustain a longer life of battery and to ensure perfect charging

✔ advanced lcd display: intuitive words and vivid icon, easily keeping track of charging status, charging current, voltage, battery type, and error information

✔ smart fast charger: 2a / 8a / 15a / auto charging rate, fully automatic high frequency charging for all types of 12v lead acid batteries, including gel, agm and std. not only do you choose the charging rate manually, but also the optimal function can automatically select the charge rate best fit for your type of battery. (ideal black friday, thanksgiving gifts and chr…

✔ safety protection: microprocessor-controlled, with multi-stage charging for added precision, safety, and battery life. no worry about battery over voltage, over heat, overtime charging, short circuit and reverse polarity

✔ complete 6-step charging program: desulphation, soft start, bulk charge, absorption, battery test and floating, allow for optimization of battery power, without overcharging or damaging. household use only. (do not charge a frozen or dead battery!)


Battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems

Reverse hook-up protection ensures charger will not operate if clamps are reversed

Features 30a quick boost and 100a jump start, powerful enough to start suvs, trucks and large batteries

Features multi-stage charging and auto-voltage detection for added precision, safety and battery life. ul safety certifications

Charges compatible battery types, including standard, agm, gel and deep-cycle batteries


Led indictor will flash if clamps are reversed and charger will not operate

Versatile quick-connect harness with 50a clamps, 12v accessory plug or permanent ring connectors

Micro processor controlled, fully automatic, 5-stage charging process for precise charging and monitoring batteries

Features battery maintaining to prevent overcharging, charging will resume if battery becomes discharged

Quick connect harness’s install fast for hard-to-reach motorcycle batteries


Auto voltage detection automatically detects 6 or 12v batteries

Reverse hook-up protection ensures charger will not operate if clamps are reversed

Features 15a to charge and 3a to maintain your battery

Automatically selects charge rate for charging and maintaining

Charges compatible battery types, including standard, agm, gel and deep-cycle batteries

Battery tender

Fast and efficient: this 1.25-amp charger will charge as fast or faster than any 3-amp charger available

Safe: reverse polarity protection to ensure user safety, red and green lights alternately flash in this condition

Fully automatic: the battery tender plus is a 1.25a battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers

Convenient: included is a quick connect harness for hard to reach areas. ac power cord length is 6 feet – 18awg, dc output cord length 4.5 feet – 18awg, dc accessory length 1.5 feet – 18 awg

Included: the package includes battery tender ring terminals and alligator clips


Smart charging port: with 18000mah capacity and smart usb port, it can full charge your laptops (include 8 in 1 laptop adapters in the package), smartphones, tablets, and other devices at the fastest speed possible.

Lcd screen & compass: the new-added lcd screen can exactly show the remaining power. the compass can help you find your way home when get lost in the wild.

Powerful & compact: jump start your vehicle (up to 6.5l gas or 5.2l diesel engine) up to 20 times with 600 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables. compact enough to store in your glovebox.

Protection: the high quality and spray gold intelligent jumper clamps has over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection.

What you get: dbpower jump starter djs50, intelligent jumper clamps, 12v wall charger, 12v car charger, use guide, our fan-favorite 3-year warranty specially extended for dbpower jump starters, and friendly customer service.


7-step charging program: desulphation, soft start, bulk charge, absorption, battery test, recondition and floating. this allows for optimization of battery power, without overcharging or damaging.

Auto detect systems: features battery voltage detection, then automatically selects charge rate for charging and maintaining. battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life. lcd screen displays charging status and battery status with easy to understand icons.

Fast, smart battery charger: the battery charger can charge all types of 12v lead-acid batteries, including gel, agm and std. it is perfect for charging automotive, motorcycle, marine, rv, powersport, lawn & garden, etc. do not charge a frozen or dead battery that has gone below 3v.

Advanced start aid: engine start aid feature can help start your vehicle in about 120 seconds.

Safety protection: battery charger has over voltage, over heat, overtime charging, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection to ensure users safety.


Quick-charge usb ports: designed with dual usb outputs (5v/2.1a, 5v 2.4a/9v 2a), the quick-charge 3.0 usb port charges your devices faster and is compatible with almost all usb charging devices – including cell phones, tablets, kindles or digital cameras. charging is fast and efficient – helping you save time.

Led flashlight: the led work light has 3 modes: flash light, strobe light and sos light. this multi-purpose flashlight is great for camping, outdoors, indoors, emergencies, travel, etc.

Powerful life saver: this gooloo emergency jump starter has enough power (800a peak current) to jump start most 12 volt vehicles on the road! (up to 7.0l gas or 5.5l diesel engines) works with cars, motorcycles, watercrafts, atvs, utvs, suvs, lawn mowers, yachts, boat, pickup,snowmobiles, etc. fully charges in 5 hours and can hold a charge for more than 3 months.

Advanced protection technology: the intelligent jumper clamp features multiple advanced safety technologies including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection and high-temperature protection – ensuring it’s safe for anyone to use.

What’s included: 1 x gooloo ultra compact automotive jump starter gp37-plus, 1 x smart jumper clamp, 1 x wall charger (with ul certification), 1 x car charger, 1 x micro-usb cable, 1 x carry bag, 1 x user manual.

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