Best Top 10 Beadaholique Beading Pliers Reviews

  1. EURO TOOL (PLR-133.5) 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier
  2. Beadaholique 21-Piece Metal Wire Snowflake Form with Fun Beading Project, Silver
  3. Beadaholique Beadsmith Jeweller’s Micro Pliers Bentnose
  4. Eurotool EuroPunch 1.25mm Round Hole Punch Pliers for Sheet Metal
  5. BeadSmith 1-Step Big Looper Plier with 26-18 Gauge Wire, 3mm
  6. Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tabletop Knotter Tool
  7. Beadaholique Wooden Plier and Tweezers Stand Tool Rack for Jewelers – Holds 12
  8. Beadsmith 3Piece Color I.D. Plier Set for Beading & Jewelry
  9. Beadaholique 4-Piece Beading Chain End Cap Fancy Crimp Beads, 22K Gold
  10. EuroTool XTL-5200 Standard Size Beading Crimping Pliers


The overall length of these pliers are 5-1/4″ (135mm) and weight only .25 pounds.

Uses – these easy to use pliers will accurately punch 1.8mm holes in soft sheet metal up to 18 gauge thick.

Specifics – these 1.8mm hole punch pliers are crafted from thick carbon steel providing superior quality and performance.

Along with these great value pliers comes two replacement pins.creates round 1.8mm diameter holes

Superior quality – euro tool products are the pinnacle of quality, and stand alone at the top in the industry of craft, hobby, diy project and jewelry tools. make sure your tools have the name euro tool.


Quantity: 21 pieces

For jewelry making

Color: silver

Style/shape: snowflake


Pliers are 4.5 inches long, tips are 1.5mm at the narrowest point.

Note: these pliers are intended for beading and other fine hobby work.

The bent nose will allow you to get into difficult spots with less hand and wrist fatigue.

Sturdy box joint construction. leaf spring.


Will create a clean 1.25mm hole without rough edges or burs in sheet metal stock.

These hole punch pliers will punch copper or silver as thick as 18 gauge.

Measurements: pliers are 5 1/4″ long. punch pin is 1.25mm in diameter and will create 1.25mm round holes.


Works with dead-soft or half-hard precious metal wire, craft wire and copper or brass core wire

This version of the 1-step looped is specially designed to create larger 3mm loops

Bends & trims wire between 26-18 gauge thick


Extremely easy to use

First table top knotter

Ties knots against the bead for a professional looking jewelry



1 storage unit

Material: wood


Purpose of use for arts, crafts and sewing, jewelry making

This item is a 3 – piece color i.d. plier set for beading & jewelry

Measurement: 5.5 inches


Quantity: 4 pieces

Color: gold

Style/shape: cord ends


This is a new pair of bead crimping pliers

These form a smooth unobtrusive crimp

The finished crimp can be hidden in a clam type bead tip or slipped into a large hole bead

Handle design may vary

Great for beading

These banish the unsightly sharp-edged crimp formed by conventional flattening methods

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