Best Top 10 Autel Scanners Reviews

  1. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD II & CAN Scan Tool
  2. Autel Autolink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission
  3. Autel AP200(HT200) Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, Code Reader with Full Systems Diagnoses and 19
  4. Autel AP200 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Adapter with All System Diagnoses for iOS iPhone
  5. Autel MaxiLink ML629 Enhanced CAN OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS Transmission Engine Diagnosis
  6. Autel AutoLink AL519 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader CAN Scan Tool Mode
  7. Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool with Mode 6
  8. Autel MaxiLink ML629 OBD2 Scanner Upgraded Version of ML619, DTC Lookup, Ready Test
  9. Autel MaxiCheck Pro OBD2 Scanner, Diagnostic Code Reader Scan Tool with Oil Reset
  10. Autel MaxiCheck Pro ABS Brake Bleed OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool EPB/ABS/SRS/SAS/Airbag/Oil Service


Turn off cel: this car diagnostic tool supports reading dtcs, displaying live data, freeze frame & i/m readiness etc to figure out the root cause of the check engine light (cel) and turning it off to help you detect any potential problems.

User-friendly design: this check engine code reader features a patented one-click i/m readiness key, tft color display, built-in speaker, led indicator etc. the cable is long enough without being too long and getting in the way. no batteries are needed.

For end user & diyers: this error code reader is “plug and play” and comes with an easy interface. even if you’re not familiar with vehicle repair, you can quickly take control of this code reader, and get the information you want.

Extensive application: compatible with 7 languages (english, french, spanish, etc.) and various post-1996 obd ii protocol vehicles (toyota, nissan, honda, ford, etc.), this obd2 scanner provides accurate and fast diagnosis for worldwide car owners.

High-quality services: 12 months warranty from the date of purchase and lifetime free update are offered by this automobile obdii scan tool. welcome to contact us via q&a, email, or hotline, and our after-sale-service team for technical support.


【 dtc lookup 】: this autel obd2 scan tool supports demonstrating dtc definitions on its clear tft color screen. therefore, you can figure out the root cause of your car intuitively without searching on the internet for a long time

【 extensive coverage 】: obd2 code reader al319 works on most obd2 protocol vehicles (equipped with 16pin data link connector). it also supports multiple languages: english, french, spanish, dutch, polish, german and japanese

【 mil turn-off 】: autel al319 obd2 scanner gives you access to find the cause of the check engine light (mil), turn the warning light off, clear codes and reset monitors, and determine the necessity of auto technicians assistance if the light comes back on

【 retrievable information 】: about information extraction, you can retrieve generic (p0, p2, p3, and u0), manufacturer specific (p1, p3, and u1) codes, pending codes, and vehicle information (vin, cin and cvn)

【 display & service 】: this code reader is equipped with color led display (220 x 176 dpi) for a better viewing, and it carries with a 12-month guarantee and 24-hour online service


【super convenience & real-time data】no fuss with complex operations. this car diagnostic scanner saves time by guiding you directly to fast bluetooth matching / automatic vin scan / one-step full systems diagnoses & dtc clearance, for improved diagnostic efficiency. it costs you no seconds to read real-time vehicle data, also replay the history recording, for easier veh…

【compatible with 99% vehicle】no need to worry about the vehicle compatibility, this bluetooth obd2 scanner is available for almost all 1996 and newer obdii-compliant vehicles. specific car models include gm, ford, benz, bmw, land rover, skoda, volvo, smart, audi, bentley, citroen, acura, honda, hyundai, kia, lexus, mazda, nissan, toyota, chrysler, jeep, etc.

【full system diagnostics】being packed with full obdii functions, autel maxiap200 bluetooth obd2 scanner also accesses all available systems, to read/clear all control units’ dtcs, and view live data stream of engine, at, srs, abs, dbw, body electrical, bcm, sccm, eps, ipc and more, to easily pinpoint the source of the car issues. note: “full system’s coverage” varies fo…

【mini-sized version of mk808】featuring full systems diagnoses, 19 service functions, and full obdii functions, this code reader shares the same functions as the most cost-effective tablet diagnostic tool autel mk808, but costs much less than the later (only 1/6 of mk808). for less than $70, you’ll have a professional car repair tool with high portability. (only $21.99 i…

【points for attention】1️⃣ this code reader is only suitable for exclusive maxiap200 app. whatever you own an android or ios device, free download and update (in app store/google play) are available for lifetime. 2️⃣android users please pair bluetooth in app rather than in the setting of mobile devices . (ios users, go to settings > bluetooth. )3️⃣ maxiap200 is warranted…


【free app & car brand】 you will enjoy one model totally free for basic & advanced features. additional vehicle coverage can be expanded with an in-app purchase ($21. 99 for ios/$15. 99 for android for each brand). the code reader car diagnostic tool works with most american, european and asian obdii-compliant models manufactured from 1996 and newer are covered by this o…

【easy use & intuitive data】 with autovin retrieval, the obd2 scanner bluetooth can automatically identify the vehicle and perform a quick scan. this will allow you to easily read and retrieve diagnostic trouble codes. the vehicle history keeps records of vehicles tested previously so you don’t need to restart a diagnostic session. exclusive app of austell and lifetime f…

【full system obd2 scanner】 this obd2 scanner bluetooth adapter helps read and clear your check engine light and all other vehicle systems. possessing full obd2 mode’s functions on all your car’s systems and the solutions of 19 special features including ols/epb/bms/sas/tpms/dpf and immo etc. to meet the ever-increasing demand for faster and more accurate car diagnostics.

【one second bluetooth pairing】 you can use ap200 turn your ios/android device into a car diagnostic scanner without relying on the mechanic. as easy to use ap200 as a code reader with all the functions of an expensive handheld scan tool. the bluetooth pairing process needs to be done in app rather than in android bluetooth setting. (on the ios device, go to settings > b…

【unrivalled economical scanner as tempting as this obd2 scanner looks, you might just further stimulate appetite when you see its price tag (much lower than mk808’s while sharing almost the same powerful features). along with the 12-month nationwide , it is ideal for any family dyers looking for quality yet effective diagnostic device.


【abs srs engine transmission diagnosis】 this versatile obd2 scanner tool diagnosis vehicles’ abs, srs, engine and transmission systems, read codes and clear codes when warning lights pops up without compromising complete obd2 functions: read & erase codes, show live data in text or graph, freeze frame data, retrieve i/m readiness status, o2 monitor test, on-board monito…

【generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes】 the obdii reader retrieves generic (p0, p2, p3, and u0), manufacturer specific (p1, p3, and u1) codes and pending codes. with the useful dtc lookup function, you have instant access to over 7000 dtc definitions in the dtc library.

【advanced version of autel ml619】 ml629, as an advanced scanner for ml619, can perform diagnosis abs, srs(airbag), engine and transmission systems to provide much wider diagnosis on your car with just a few extra bucks. with 12 languages options for the menu, ml629 becomes ultimate solutions for your diy tasks. note: abs, airbag, engine and transmission diagnosis is not…

【unmatched vehicle coverage】 autel ml629 code reader communicates with all obdii (including iso9141, kwp2000, j1850 pwm, j1850 vpw protocols) and can compliant vehicles post 1996.

【hassle-free purchase and services】 this reader is backed by 30 days replacement or full refund, 12 months free from defects after-sales services. if there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected] directly. we are always ready to go extra miles to make you a happy customer!


The most complete obd2 scanner: al519 obd2 scanner can perform all 10 modes of obd2 tests like read, clear diagnostic fault codes(dtcs), retrieve readiness status to pass smog check, freeze frame data and live data of multiple sensors in graph to figure out fault causes, check fuel efficiency and emission conditions via o2 sensor and evap test (mode 8), on-board monitor…

Patented one-click smog check: autel al519 obd2 diagnostic scanner comes with patented one-click i/m readiness check to check the conditions of the emission system which includes continuously tested monitors like misfire monitor, fuel system monitor, comprehensive components monitor and non-continuous monitors like o2 sensors, evap system, egr system and etc, making thi…

Turn off check engine light: autel al519 is an enhanced obdii scanner that allows you to check all engine related fault codes, figure out check engine light alerts and perform proper repair with the definitions and tips displayed for dtcs and turn off the malfunction indicator light(mil). the auto diagnostic scanner can locate bad o2 sensors, perform evap tests(mode 8),…

Unmatched obdii vehicle coverage: autel al519 car diagnostic scanner supports all obd2 protocols: kwp2000, iso2000, iso9141, j1850 vpw, j1850 pwm and can. al519 car diagnostic tool is compatible with all obdii-compliant vehicles: sedans, suvs and light trucks post 1996 in us, post 2000 for eu-based and asian cars. this plug-and-play engine diagnostic code reader retriev…

Lifetime free updates & 0% risk purchase: autel autolink al519 obd2 scanner engine analyzer comes with lifetime free software updates and is backed by 30 days replacement or full refund, 12 months free from defects after-sales services. should there be any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service team via [email protected]


Powerful compatibility:works on most 1996 and newer vehicles (obdii & can) – domestic and import;features the unique patented one-click readiness key for quick state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification.bright color coded leds and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification.

Exclusive obdii diagnostics:displays monitor and i/m readiness status (emissions).reads live pcm datastream.displays live o2 sensor test data.graphs data (1996 and newer vehicles).reads, stores and playbacks live sensor data.enhanced obdii mode 6.

Very easy to use:the autolink al519 obdii/eobd scanner supports all 10 modes of obdii test for a complete diagnosis. featuring the unique patented one-click i/m readiness key, tft color display and built-in speaker, the autolink al519 is truly the ultimate in power and affordability, allowing users to do their jobs faster. in addition, thousands of troubleshooter code t…

Accurate & fast car diagnosis:this autel al519 can retrieves generic (p0, p2, p3 and u0), manufacturer specific (p1, p3 and u1) codes and pending codes;easily determines the cause of the check engine light(mil).turns off check engine light (mil), clears codes and resets monitors.displays dtc definition on the tft color screen.views freeze frame data.

Update&service:customer service team is available for 24 hours:▲[email protected]▲troubleshooter code tips guide technicians to the root cause of a trouble code faster, saving diagnosis and repair time.retrieves vehicle information (vin, cin and cvn).multilingual menu and dtc definitions – english, spanish and french, etc.internet updateable.prints data via pc.


4 system diagnoses: it accesses to 4 vehicle systems and subsystems such as abs, srs, engine and transmission, to perform a comprehensive scanning process on ecus to locate faulty systems and retrieve dtcs related.

Dtc lookup & ready test: it has a lookup library. every code comes with a description to help you understand the problem. the ready test gives a heads-up for avoiding risking a penalty of not reaching the car emission standard.

Upgraded ml619: compared with ml619, ml629 retrieves trouble codes not only in abs and srs, but also in engine and transmission system, being cost-effective with only a small extra budget to enjoy more benefits.

Obdii vehicles compatible: a wide range of 1996 and newer european, us and asian vehicles (obdii & can) are covered by ml629, including gm, ford, mazda, etc. welcome to contact us for a detailed vehicle coverage list.

& update: ml629 carries a complete 12-month from the date of sale provided from autel headquarters in china, with free lifetime software update, to ensure it is reliable for your daily diagnostic work.


【troubleshooting steps】 please follow the steps below to perform abs automated bleed function: 1. download maxisuite to your pc and update all software updates. 2. hook it up to your vehicle through obd2 cable. 3. diagnose the vehicle and make sure no dtc is present. 4. follow the track abs/srs- anti-block brake system- special functions- abs automated bleed, hydraulic …

【complete obdii & eobd coverage】 autel maxicheck pro car diagnostics tool offers complete obdii & eobd coverage for all us, asian and european vehicles post 1996. it supports all obd2 protocols including: iso9141, kwp2000, j1850 pwm, j1850 vpw and can. the abs and srs(airbag) diagnosis function covers more than 50 makes and models. to check compatibility on diagnosis an…

【abs auto bleed & bi-directional control】 maxicheck pro is an affordable auto scan tool that can perform most useful special functions like abs auto bleed, active tests which are not universally compatible. please send vin number to [email protected] to check compatibility before purchase. note: please be reminded that only when your car’s ecu is programmed to per…

【all 10 modes of obd2 tests & special functions】 maxicheck pro auto diagnostic scanner can perform all 10 modes of obd2 tests including read & clear codes, view freeze frame data, i/m readiness status(smog check), component test, o2 monitor test, on-board monitor test, live data, dtc lookup, vehicle info, module present on all obd2 compliant vehicles. it can also perfor…

【lifetime free updates and risk-free purchase】 autel maxicheck pro diagnostic scan tool comes with lifetime free software updates and it’s protected from defects for 12 months. if you are not 100% happy with the car scanner tool or it does not work on your vehicle, please contact [email protected] to get a new replacement or full refund within 30 days.


☛lifetime free online software update☛: enhanced obd2 coverage for domestic, asian & european vehicles, enjoy free software update, if you have any issue after you get the item, please email ▲[email protected]▲ with your questions, you will get the solution or full refund.

☛multi-service functions included☛ :perform service maintenance and oil, inspection and mileage resets.oil light reset. battery maintenance services. view freeze frame data to view the vehicle’s operating parameters at the moment a code is detected. abs and srs coverage for 50+ vehicle makes.

☛check the vehcile coverage before order☛:if you are confused about the vehicle coverage, please email obdprice back or ask the q&a on product page, offer your detail car model, year, vin and what functions you need, you will get the available solution in 12 hours.

☛brake auto bleed function☛ :note: your vehicles must be programmed by the manufacturer to perform auto-bleed. this function works with limited specific vehicle models(most vehicle year under 2013 or older vehicles). highly recommend to consult us by email ▲[email protected]▲to make sure your car are coveraged.

☛complete obdii/eobd coverage☛: read codes, erase codes, dtc lookup for 1996 and newer u.s. domestic, asian & european vehicles. live data, i/m readiness, o2 monitor test, on-board monitor test & component test

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