BEST Place to Buy GAMES in 2019

Every enthusiastic player is always looking for new game keys at a great price. There’s nothing better than getting the game you’ve been waiting for so long without spending too much money.

G2A is one of the most popular places to buy game keys. The site became so popular that its founder Dawid Rozek was included in the annual Forbes list “30 under 30”. The popularity and the fanfare are certainly there, but what about security?

Players are always skeptical and shiver when they have to trust an unknown website with their money. G2A is no exception. Much of the site’s traffic comes from very low prices. But is your business method illegal and unlawful?

Many new players have wondered if buying G2A is safe and legitimate. To answer this question, we have prepared a complete breakdown of the features, methods, and more of the sites. Let’s take a look at how one of the most popular sites on the planet works. review

Who owns G2A?
G2A was founded in 2010 by Dawid Rożek and Bartosz Skwarczek, who are still the owners of the brand. Their goal was to satisfy the needs of young players around the world. When they grew up in Poland, they saw many children who wanted to play games but could not because of the high prices.

They felt that something had to be done and started GO2ARENA (the original name of the company). The original idea was to sign contracts with well-known publishers, but the interest in such an unknown company was great.

Instead, the two entrepreneurs decided to switch from retail to market. The company currently employs over 700 people in several offices in Poland, China, Holland and more. In addition to the marketplace, G2A is actively involved in eSports, sponsoring teams such as Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere. It is estimated that they have already invested more than $ 10 million in sponsorship.

How does G2A function?

Imagine the site as a game version of eBay and Amazon. Therefore, it is safe to say that G2A is a marketplace for all sellers interested in digital products for customers. While this part is relatively clear, players often ask how they work when they hit this sales method. So, what’s the catch?

G2A is not actually the source of the project. Instead, the entire site and the entire company are marketed as a sales facilitator. Any person, company or group of people can register with G2A and pass a series of reviews to become a registered retailer. G2A earns money primarily from payment processing fees and other services.

The bottom line is – you do not buy keys directly from the manufacturers / developers of a game. Instead, you purchase verified game keys through an intermediary. Although there are millions of satisfied customers, this business method has led to appraising conditions.

Is G2A a gray market?
Let’s take a look at what the gray market really means. “… A trade in goods and services that is technically legal but is channeled through channels that were not originally intended by the manufacturer, trademark owner or other party.” Therefore, G2A is technically a gray market. Although the term sounds pejorative, it also applies to popular sites like eBay or Luxury Bazaar.

Any site that is not owned by the manufacturer or the manufacturer of the product is considered a gray market. While there are some safety and quality concerns, hundreds of millions of people are buying products from gray market locations. They offer commodities and lower prices, making them a competing rival to the actual websites of the brands. It’s organized resale, if you like.

Is G2A legal?
Yes, the business method of G2A is absolutely legal. Under US and international law, a game developer can not prohibit or control the resale activities of his products. Gray market websites like G2A usually have contracts with sellers who buy the key directly from the developer directly. Basically, everything is legal. Although there are no legal issues, players are still actively asking, “Is buying G2A safe and legitimate?”

The bottom line is that G2A is cleverly using a loophole and price differentials in different regional markets. An originally legalized key can be distributed indefinitely before it is actually used. In the case of illegally purchased keys, engines like Origin and Steam have made arrangements with developers to automatically lock or unlock the key.

Is G2A Legit?
Yes, GTA is certainly legitimate. More than 16 million users are registered on the website. In addition to the users, more than 400,000 different sellers offer their digital products. Players and industry experts praised the variety of sellers and products on the site. With different sellers, you can save even more money by searching for promotions, offers and bundles.

Players around the world buy keys from the site every day and play the games without any problems. However, there are still negative experiences that you can read online. People have reported having received faulty keys or experiencing a situation where their key is suddenly no longer valid.

Why Are Game Keys on G2A So Cheap?

With the advantage of low prices, G2A has caused many experts to ask – is buying from G2A safe and legit? Even though the prices might seem a little too good to be true, there is nothing fraudulent in looking for the best prices. In fact, there is a perfectly logical explanation for the difference in prices between direct sellers and grey market websites like G2A.

Sellers usually contact the developers in a select regional market. It’s usually areas such as India, Africa or Southeast Asia, where the games cost significantly less than in western markets. Not only are the keys individually cheaper (to cater to regions where people have less disposable income), but they are bought at a bargain price in bulk quantities.

Although developers don’t approve of this method of circumvention, they are legally unable to do anything. Regional representatives in different market still fall under the same company name, even though they lose significant money. Forbidding resale is virtually impossible, as it would jeopardize the basic rights of every consumer. If the acquirement is legal and the game key is used like it’s supposed to, there is nothing any developer can do.

While the prices are very reasonable and sometimes surprising, it’s still a site that requires you to share personal information and conduct transactions. There are always some risks involved.