The best party water dispensers are available in all shapes and sizes. The ones you probably know best are the ice-filled barrels that sit next to a pile of cups on the edge of every television event. Unless they are content with winning coaches, these simple products make sure the teams are hydrated and working. The requirements for a party drinks machine are much easier. They trade volume for convenience and style. Their essential purpose, however, remains unchanged. As with the orange barrels with taps that athletes use, party vending machines need to keep drinks cool and accessible.

Finding one that keeps drinks cool without licking or as a stain can be a little tricky. They come in glass, plastic, metal and even in ceramics. It is also no sure win if you base your choice only on materials. Some dispensers emphasize appearance, offer multiple beverage containers, or have sophisticated cooling features. Finding something that will not let you down when the party is in full swing requires a lot more than just window shopping.

evaluation criteria

How we found the best party water dispensers
To select the products from our list, we had to check the options against a set of standard criteria. Though it was all about everything from the materials used to the integrity of the spout, these were fitted into four basic categories. Each will be discussed in more detail below.

  • construction quality
  • user friendliness
  • nuclear power
  • maintenance
  • construction quality

The quality of construction takes everything into account, from the materials used to leaks. Leakage seals were a big problem, and these weak spots were usually the first to fail. Metal outlets are not only made of sturdier materials, but fit much better than plastic, which is much more susceptible to warping, bending and slipping.
The primary reservoirs have received more recognition for their sturdy shape than for their material. Although a few products had uniquely rugged and durable bodies, almost all party beverage dispensers are made of plastic or glass. As mentioned earlier, plastic tends to warp and bend over time. Of course, glass is very fragile. Each material has its drawbacks, so we have not evaluated products according to the manufacturer’s decision in this regard. However, we have considered the value of glass and plastic in the consideration of value and price.

Although shipping is not necessarily a design issue, this is a process that still depends on the seller. For this reason, we have included shipping aspects in this category. Products that have arrived defective do not score as well as those delivered in one piece. Manufacturer’s warranties, return policies and customer service also played a role. After all, accidents happen to everyone and shipping glass has never been easy.

user friendliness

For guests, a vending machine is always easy to use. If there is no fault in the spout that falls under our design criteria, it is quite easy to remove a drink from the dispenser. Filling a drink into a dispenser is a bit more complicated, so our ease-of-use criteria take into account the needs of the host more than the guest’s needs. Basically, the same type of spout was used for each of our products. Apart from the design standards, they were not part of our considerations.

Ease of use is about preparing for the party and how hard a host needs to be to keep the party going. Although ice buckets generally earn more points, which we will discuss in the core performance, their placement was a major concern of this category. Because even if guests have completely emptied a dispenser, replacing the ice in the rack is a time consuming task. The host must remove the top and try to hold it while filling in new ice. It is uncomfortable and there is rarely room for this procedure on a cramped party buffet table. That’s why cooling features with top access are so valuable. They are easily accessible, easy to replace, and it does not matter how much fluid is left in the dispenser.

Ease of use also takes into account additional features such as the Blackboard tags or the top access diffuser that some products are touted for. The blackboard labels make life easier for the hosts. Nobody wants to spend the evening answering any guest who wants to know what’s going on. The diffuser also allows the host to quickly change flavors, adapt to taste, and prevent stray product particles from landing in a guest cup. The less potential headache the host has, the better the drink dispenser will be.

nuclear power

This criterion tests exactly how well a beverage dispenser dispenses drinks. Does she think it’s cool? What is the temperature? Is there enough fluid volume to be useful? How versatile is that? Anything that might affect the ability of the product to keep drinks cool and put them in cups without leakage was considered under this consideration.

One of the key points of the core performance of vending machines is the temperature. We did not look for donators who can offer hot drinks because they deserve their own moment in the limelight. All products in this article should keep the drinks cool. Nobody has a power source. This can only be achieved by adding ice. Ice containers are crucial for maintaining temperature. Also ice chambers in the stands gained attention. Unfortunately, most glass dispensers reached a similar level as their plastic competitors, as they had no separate ice chambers available. Throwing ice directly into the drink only leads to water drinks, and nobody wants a tasteless punch. Nevertheless, the ground-based ice chambers could not hold the temperature of the entire donor evenly. You can cool the bottom, but the top could be warm. The inner ice inserts won the highest recognition. Even if the donor had other problems, if he contained an inner ice channel or insert, they went into our considerations.


You do not have to do much to keep a dispenser in operation other than rinsing. Therefore, the adjustment became the focus of this criterion. If a product could go into the dishwasher, it has swept the category. If it had to be washed by hand, it did not score so well. If the manufacturer did not confirm that a product could get into the dishwasher, the product was rated as it could not because cautious users would rinse it by hand.

The easy storage also fell under the maintenance. Glass dispensers require a lot of tender, loving care. They can break just as easily by falling in the closet as they do when they fall over at a party. Plastic and metal options proved to be much more robust.

Party Drink Tips

When your donor is done, you can break up the recipe book and search for your favorite punch recipe. But do not get caught in a trap. There are some simple ways to add some fun and excitement to your drinks, whether they are drinks or alcoholic drinks.

Look for a fresh touch. In almost all areas for donors fresh fruit floats at the top. Adding lemons is an easy way to beat lemonade or iced tea without fear of becoming creative. There are many other fruits in the world. Do you have a herb garden? Add fresh thyme, basil or rosemary to your drinks instead of relying solely on mint. Edible flowers are a fantastic and unforgettable addition.

If you want to reduce calories, cut costs, or just reduce noise, break out the bubbling water. For a good reason, it’s a cocktail favorite. Everyone loves the bubbles, and this simple drink goes well with anything. It can liven up a cocktail mix as easily as possible

Q: Will My Drink Dispenser Get Moldy?

Three factors determine whether something that occasionally contains fluids becomes moldy. First, make sure you wash and dry it well after each use. Sugary beverage residues promote the growth of mold and bacteria. Other water also leads to mold and mildew, especially to plastic. The spill is always a major concern and it is the most likely part of your donor that a mold problem occurs. Wash it with water several times during washing and allow it to air dry before putting it away. You can wipe the outside, but the inside stays wet if you put it away immediately after washing.

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The second factor is storage. Where do you keep your donor between the parties? If you do not use it often, you probably put it somewhere in the deep, dark wells of your closet. This is not necessarily wrong, but you need to make sure that there is dry air and regular sunlight in your closet. Mold loves stuffy corners in cupboards and cupboards. Close to pipes, especially around cabinets, the air is very humid. It is best to keep your vending machine in a light and dry place so that your careful laundry is not wasted.

The third consideration concerns material and construction. No matter how well you wash them, some spouts get the black powdery mildew after a few applications. This is a construction thing. If the interior can not even be air-dried, only a breeding ground for mold and mold is created

If you wash your vending machine after each use, you really should not have a mold problem. Mold rarely grows on clean dishes. Just take the time to clean up and you can protect your investment.

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