Baby Tooth Organizer for Photo Album & Scrapbook EAN: Asin:B000O91YHK


NOSTALGIA: Upgrade your two-dimensional scrapbook or baby photo album into an interactive baby tooth keepsake by attaching our Baby Tooth Organizer. The circular design symbopzes a carousel time machine, to take you back to a time with a loved one where you ache to go again

CONVENIENCE: No more having to put baby teeth in your jewelry boxes or loose photo albums where they are often lost

PHOTO ALBUM READY: Our sleek organizer was made to fit as a standalone keepsake or to be specifically placed in your baby photo albums and scrapbooks

TOOTH CHART: The Baby Tooth Chart is included which helps you annotate special notes and dates for each individual tooth loss event for both the upper and lower rows.

DENTIST DEVELOPED: The product was developed by a professionally pcensed DDS dentist and father

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