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FCC Chairman pledges to roll back net neutrality regulations during European address


As Ajit Pai took the stage for a speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this morning, CNBC anchor Karen Tso noted that the newly appointed FCC Chairman’s top priority has been the dismantling of net neutrality, a cause, she added, that would likely make him popular with many in attendance at the world’s ..

GeoVisual Search from Descartes Labs makes the Earth searchable


Scavenger hunts just got significantly more tactical with Descartes Labs’ new GeoVisual Search. Finding shipping containers, runways and even parking lots on a global scale is no problem with the free tool made available today. Descartes Labs is a geospatial analytics startup based in Los Alamos, ..

Workfit raises $5.5 million seed round to be your AI meeting assistant


Conversational AI is pushing deeper into enterprise with Workfit, a new startup promising to make conference call follow-ups and mid-meeting CRM updates as easy as playing a song or checking the weather on Google Home or Amazon Echo. Battery Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Salesforce Ventures and a number ..

Twitter plans to trim down its ads products


Twitter continues to bleed cash and its advertising business has begun shrinking, so it’s time for a change. Twitter will pare down three areas of its ad product, according to sources who spoke to TechCrunch. Twitter foreshadowed the shift during last week’s lackluster earnings report that showed ..

Snapchat growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched


Snapchat was flying high in early 2016, but the launch of direct competitor Instagram Stories coincided with a massive drop in how fast Snapchat was growing, judging by new stats in its IPO filing. That aligns with our report that multiple analytic providers and social media talent managers saw a big decline ..

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Alphabet’s bets beyond search are starting to pay off


Google reported mixed earnings for its fourth quarter today — but we’re starting to see some flashes of improvement in its “other bets” category, which is where it stuffs pretty much everything that lives outside of Google proper. In the fourth quarter, Alphabet’s other bets recorded $262 million ..

SumUp co-founders are back with bookkeeping AI startup Zeitgold


The next time you go to your favorite restaurant or cocktail bar, talk with the manager about bookkeeping. Chances are that they’ll tell you that they waste a ton of time collecting and recording various documents. German startup Zeitgold wants to automate this pesky process so that you can spend more ..

Samsung records highest profit jump in 3 years


Samsung today recorded its biggest leap in profits for three years, up 50 percent year-on-year, showing that there is far more to the company than the Galaxy Note 7 saga. The Korean giant reported an operating profit of KRW 9.22 trillion ($7.92 billion) on total revenue of KRW 53.33 trillion ($44.6 ..

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Trying out Snapchat’s new universal search capabilities


Snapchat recently released its redesigned app on iOS; it now has universal search capabilities, so I decided to give it a try — you can watch me fumble around in the video above. Related Articles This Snapchat Spectacles case melted while charging Facebook Stories puts a Snapchat clone above the News ..

GoPro wants the moments you capture on the internet instantly


GoPro is facing a bit of an existential crisis as it starts to contend with other wearables — like the Snapchat Spectacles — cropping up to capture moments in peoples’ lives that they can share with their friends. So GoPro needs to basically find ways to get the footage it captures on its cameras ..