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Robert F. Rider, PLC. Publishes Information on College Students and Alcohol Use


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 80 percent of college students consume alcohol, with approximately 50 percent engaging in binge drinking. Many students engaging in this behavior aren’t of legal age to consume alcohol, and students charged with underage drinking ..

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PosterVents App Launches with Green Initiative to Curb Paper Waste


The community wall at the favorite local coffee shop or music store has just come into the digital age.  PosterVents is an innovative new iPhone event app, that allows users to upload flyers and graphics announcing events with just minimal effort.  You can check out events that are happening city wide ..

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Experts Urge Arthritis Sufferers to Discuss Pain with Their Doctor


Arthritis is an increasing problem, with millions of sufferers in the United States alone. Some experts are now concerned that there is also a growing trend of individuals self-medicating with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals to manage their pain. According these experts, sufferers need to learn ..

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Trusted Online Business Ventures Launches Smart Collection


Trusted Online Business Ventures has brought together a wide range of brands with their brilliant offers on Apparel, accessories and other products that can tick the right boxes for users. Today people understand the importance of dressing to the hilt for both personal and professional occasions. They ..

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Healthcare Facilities Are Provided with Bright White Linens Through the Laundry Services of ImageFIRST Las Vegas


Healthcare facilities are becoming more and more focused on enhancing the patient experience, as proven by the research findings presented in the Beryl Institute’s 2015 State of Patient Experience report. Patients who are provided with poor-quality bed linens may have a negative perception of the medical ..