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Jailbreak App Lets You Enjoy CarPlay on iPhone Without Buying a New Head Unit


Want to enjoy CarPlay without picking up an expensive head unit for your vehicle? Thanks to a jailbreak app called CarPlay iOS, you can now enjoy Apple’s in-car platform on your iPhone or iPad while you’re behind the wheel. “CarPlay iOS is the most advanced mobile application for the car driver,” ..

Spotify Isn’t a Fan of Apple’s New Subscription Options, Says ‘It’s Not Enough’


Back in May of last year, before Apple officially announced a Spotify competitor, the streaming music service wasn’t a huge fan of Apple’s inherent upper-hand in that particular market on its own operating systems. Specifically, Spotify hasn’t been a fan of what it calls the “Apple tax.” That’s ..

Apple Makes Cut the Rope: Time Travel its Free App of the Week


Get your game on this weekend with one of the most lovable puzzle games on iOS without paying a penny. Apple has made Cut the Rope: Time Travel, which is usually priced at $0.99, its Free App of the Week. Like other titles in the Cut the Rope series, your mission in Time Travel is to feed Om Nom and his […]