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Capturing Big Sur Under Moonlight: Testing the Sony A7s with 4K at ISO 40,000


Photographer Justin Majeczky wanted to test the 4K low-light capabilities of the Sony A7s for a short film he’s planning to shoot this summer, so he took the camera and an Atomos Shogun out to the Big Sur coastline of California in the dead of night to see what the camera could do under moonlight. ..

Review: The Carl Zeiss VR ONE is a Headset Best Left on The Shelf


The promise of truly immersive, virtual reality headsets for the masses is just around the corner with Oculus Rift launching its consumer version in 2016. In the meantime, a number of alternative solutions have been introduced including Google’s Cardboard, Samsung’s GearVR, and Carl Zeiss’ VR ONE headset. ..

Battle of the Client Galleries: Comparing 11 of The Best Tools for Proofing and Presentation


Online client galleries have been there for some time now, but many photographers either neglect this powerful tool relying on ol’ school DVDs and USB drives for image delivery, or simply are not aware of the options that would suit their particular business. As a beginner, mostly part-time, photographer ..

Review: Shooting the Sony RX1R II From Manila to India


If you want to see camera tests with pictures of walls, bokeh balls, resolving power lens charts or photos of cats and dogs, please leave now, you will be disappointed, I will only be sharing a working photographers perspective of my personal feelings towards the system with real photographs out on the streets. ..

A Photographer's Review of the Peak Design Everyday Sling


First of all I just want to say this: Peak Design got the name of the Everyday Sling wrong. This bag isn’t the Everyday Sling, it’s the Everything Sling because this bag literally does everything I would ever possibly need to do when I’m going out. Second of all, you may not share my opinions ..

GigSky Expands Apple SIM Coverage to 140 Countries


GigSky today announced that it will now support Apple SIM for the iPad in over 140 countries — up from the 90 countries it has supported until now. The new additions to the company’s destinations include The Virgin Islands, Argentina, Jamaica St. Vincent, Ecuador, and Isle of Man. With the iPad Air 2 and iPad ..

This is The Adapter You’ll Need to Plug Headphones Into Your iPhone 7


With Apple expected to ditch the headphone jack for this year’s iPhone 7 series, fans are going to have problems plugging in all their existing headphones. But it won’t be impossible. Here’s the Lightning adapter you’ll use to make 3.5mm pins iPhone 7-ready. Apple won’t remove the headphone ..

Apple Pay Rumored to Launch in Switzerland on June 13


Eventually, if Apple has its way, Apple Pay, the mobile payment option, will be available everywhere. And it looks like Switzerland could be next on the list. According to a German-language financial website, Finews, and surfaced by iPhone-Ticker, Apple Pay could be arriving in Switzerland as early as Monday, ..

Turn Your Handwritten Notes into Digital Copies with the Equil Smartpen 2 [Deals Hub]


We love having our iPad with us when we travel, but there are still things that tablets can’t quite replicate. Paper and pen still has its purpose, but it’s a pain to store physical copies of notes and sketches. You can get the best of the digital world with your physical scribbles when you use […]

The Marsupial Method for Launching a Profitable Business In 24 Hours or Less


A few years ago, when I first started brainstorming different ways to make money, or possible businesses to start, I felt like taking a can of bright red spray paint, drawing an X on a concrete wall and smashing my head straight through it. Hopefully, I would just hit a beam and put myself out […]