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CommuniGator Now Offers Campaign Authoring Tools for Effective B2B Email Marketing


Well-known as one of the leading email marketing software providers in the UK, CommuniGator is now offering its latest rapid campaign authoring tool to its clients. Through this authoring tool, one can easily cut down the time that is required to build a professional and responsive email campaign, creating ..

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PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Presents Next Week at Manufacturing Executive Conference


PDP Solutions’ President Louise Dickmeyer presents next week at the NWPCA’s (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association) Annual Leadership Conference, March 13. Dickmeyer will discuss how company leaders can address multi-generational issues and effective employee retention strategies. ..

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People Satisfied with Moving Businesses in Denver


It has been observed in Denver that moving nowadays from one place to another have become a routine for many people. May it be due to their jobs, change of house or change of state. Denver has seen a lot of movements lately. Responsibility of moving each and everything in one piece with precision and […]

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Rosanne Clementi Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start Manufacturing Pad-Go-Round


Like all inventions, Pad-Go-Round was created by Rosanne Clementi out of necessity. Rosanne recently won a Kindle in a ruffle. Being an arthritis patient, she soon discovered the difficulties in holding the tablet for long periods. Moreover, her thumb touched the screen constantly, changing the page ..