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Former Municipal Prosecutor Is Now on Defense Side: Attorney Bartholomew Baffuto Provides the Best Drunk Driving Defense in New Jersey


Former Municipal Prosecutor in Irvington, New Jersey, Attorney Baffuto is now on the defense side full-time. Attorney Bartholomew Baffuto provides the best drunk driving defense in New Jersey to represent those charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). As a former prosecutor in Irvington, Attorney ..

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Turning the Office or Home Into a Happy Space


Businesses and individuals who are passionate about eco-friendly ways may be excited with the news that JLASCO, INC., who are into the business of Plant Planters, is offering a wide variety of modern plant planters including fiberglass planters. The plant planters the company offers are made from various ..

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Unconventional Questions In New Quiz Published By Navigate Divorce Guide Highlight Key Issues Of The Most Difficult Divorces


A new Quiz from Navigate Divorce Guide is designed to protect people going through divorce. Brian H. Burke has been at the heart of the divorce process for 30+ years as a practicing Family Law Specialist (State Bar of California). His book, “Divorce? Don’t Let Lawyers Make it Ugly,” is described ..