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Mint Condition Fitness Announces Customized Training Program for the New Year


The approach of the holidays marks the coming of the New Year – when people set resolutions and focus on achieving their goals. Many people make their health a New Year’s resolution – and that’s exactly the expertise of Mint Condition Fitness. Their facility specializes in exercise and fitness ..

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PIC Claim Grant Launched to Help Business Owners Get Government Payout Under PIC Scheme


In Singapore the government offers business owners a way to enjoy 400% tax deductions and allowances or a 60% cash payout for investment in innovation and productivity improvements under their Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. The scheme is administered by the Inland Revenue Authority ..

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While most people are hooked into sports and other traditional exercises like football, basketball, weightlifting and gym fitness activities, health and fitness experts promote a more conservative form of fitness activities that are not too strenuous, this is what we call alternative exercises. Based ..

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Sustaining Diverse Communities and Schools


Children’s zip codes are often closely linked to their educational opportunities due to the tight relationship between racially segregated and unequal housing and schools. Yet according to a growing number of scholars, the United States may now have the ideal chance to address this housing-school nexus, ..