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Arkadium’s InHabit adds interactive content to any story, starting with sports


Arkadium is launching a new product called InHabit, which can automatically introduce polls, quizzes and games that are tailored to each article. When we’ve written about Arkadium in the past, we’ve talked about them as a casual gaming company, but CEO Jessica Rovello told me her team has become ..

Tylko bags $3.1M to size up a bespoke furniture business


Bespoke shelves can sell themselves if you make it easy enough for buyers to be designers. That’s the conviction driving Warsaw-based Tylko, which just closed a €3 million (~$3.1 million) Series A round aiming to step up its app-based custom flat-pack furniture business with additional marketing ..

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Snap values itself at nearly $24B with its IPO pricing


Snap has given a final price for its IPO, setting the company’s valuation at nearly $24 billion with a price of $17 per share, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. With that, it looks like Wall Street had plenty of appetite for Snap despite multiple major concerns about the company’s ..

Indoor farming startup Bowery raises $7.5 million from investors including ‘Top Chef’ Tom Colicchio


As pollution, extreme weather, and over-population threaten the viability of large, outdoor farms, a startup called Bowery Farming Inc. has raised $7.5 million in total venture funding to grow food indoors, even in the middle of a city. The startup’s high-tech approach uses robotics, LED lighting, ..

Hater, an app for finding someone who dislikes the same things as you, to expand beyond dating


Not a fan of Trump? Can’t stand country music? Think selfie culture is the worst? Wouldn’t go camping if someone paid you? Bonding over the things you hate can be more powerful than bonding over what you like, studies have shown. Now, a new dating app called Hater can help you find better matches .. raises $18.7 million to remedy our post-fact society


As our society continues to devalue facts and statistics,, a two year old data collaboration startup out of Austin, Texas, is fighting back with its passionate community of data nerds. Today the company is announcing a $18.7 million Series B led by Pat Ryan’s family investment group ..

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What’s next for books?


I like Digital Reader editor Nate Hoffelder. He is one of the few bloggers about publishing who doesn’t suck up to the industry, nor does he particularly gild the lily. He basically believes that books are great, publishing is probably doomed and that writing is really important. That’s why I was happy ..

Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov talks about punch cards and the 3D future


Kirill Tatarinov has seen computing from bottom to top. As a student in the USSR he wrote programs on punch cards to manage the cutting edge hardware clones that Russia was churning out and now, as CEO of Citrix, he’s working on the next generation of managed computing. His vision for the future is simple: ..

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The New York Times offers free Spotify to new subscribers


If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to The New York Times, this could be the moment to do it, since The Times just announced a special offer that also includes free access to Spotify Premium. The offer applies specifically to the Times’ All-Access subscription, which includes unlimited reading ..

Google ends its Hands Free mobile payment pilot after less than a year, but promises more to come


That’s kind of the thing about pilot programs – they don’t always result in a successful launch. Less than a year after beginning testing at select locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Google is pulling the plug on its Hands Free payment system. The company notified users of the unceremonious ..