Allegra Orthopaedicsorthopaedics & spine specialist hospital making progress on bone substitute technology

28 Aug 2017

Allegra Orthopaedics Ltd (ASX:AMT) is continuing to make significant progress with its unique bone substitute technology “Sr-HT-Gahnite” and is aiming to progress into the production phase.

The company prolapsed discis an orthopaedic manufacturer and has obtained the global license to the composite laser spine surgery near mebiocompatible ceramic material known as Sr-HT- Gahnite from the University of Sydney.

Allegra’s tests have indicated that all the samples containing the Sr-HT Gahnite scaffolds showed promising ingrowth of bone through the scaffold and in some cases completely bridged the defect.

Importantly, there was no evidence of inflammation or formation of fibrous tissue, indicating good biocompatibility of the Sr-HT Gahnite.

The company is also studying the various commercial applications of this unique bone substitute technology, before commencing with interbody cervical spinal invasive spine surgerycages as the initial product offering.



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