2023’s Top Online Nursing Programs: How Do They Rank and What Do They Offer?

Badge for Top Online Nursing Programs

In 2023, several institutions have gained recognition for offering exemplary online nursing programs, catering to aspiring healthcare professionals across the United States. These programs are lauded for their faculty credentials, graduation rates, student services, and overall academic quality.

Badge for Top Online Nursing Programs

U.S. News Rankings: A Comprehensive Evaluation
U.S. News has evaluated several online nursing degree programs, focusing on factors such as faculty credentials, graduation rates, and student services to rank the best online nursing programs. The methodology incorporates five categories, each with a specific weight in the ranking formula. For an in-depth look at the methodology, visit U.S. News Methodology.

Top 50 Great Values: Online Colleges for Nursing
College Values Online presented a ranking of the top 50 online colleges for nursing, offering great value. This list includes institutions providing online LPN to ADN and RN/BSN programs, emphasizing the availability of financial aid and transfer of credits.

Fortune’s Best Online Master’s in Nursing
Fortune ranked UNLV, Ohio State, and Georgetown University as the top schools for online Master’s in Nursing programs. These institutions stand out for their commitment to delivering high-standard academic programs in healthcare education.

Most Popular Online Bachelor’s in Nursing
Best Colleges spotlighted the most popular online Bachelor’s in Nursing degree programs of 2022. Prospective students can explore start dates, availability of financial aid, and course offerings through the highlighted universities.

Looking Ahead: Best Online Nursing Degrees of 2024
Intelligent.com featured a list of some of the best online nursing degree programs expected to shine in 2024. Each featured school is a nonprofit, accredited institution, either public or private, ensuring a high standard of academic quality for post-secondary institutions.

These rankings and lists serve as valuable resources for students seeking top-notch online nursing education, facilitating informed decisions on their academic journey in the healthcare field.